Labor, where’d you go?

I keep thinking for sure that this baby’s going to be earlier rather than later, and then nothing happens! For example, this last Monday, I had some crazy strong early labor contractions. They weren’t really regular- between 1-3 minutes apart but lasting 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. But they were so strong that I was absolutely convinced they would turn into LABOR labor (yes, there is labor, and there is LABOR labor!) So I did all the things I normally do when in prodromal labor. Warm bath, drank water, rested, etc. The contractions would taper off and then come back full force.

So around midnight Monday night (well, technically Tuesday morning), I decided to try to sleep. I figured if they became more regular & turned into The Real Thing, I would need all the rest I could get. One of three things would happen- I would wake up & they would be the same, completely gone, or LABOR labor in which I would call my midwife. It was crazy hard to fall asleep though. I’m sure I dozed off a hundred times, only to be awakened by yet another intense contraction. Those suckers HURT, let me tell ya.

So around 3am, I finally fell asleep. I woke up at 8am and they were gone. GONE! Just a few stragglers left behind, but they were so mild that they definitely were not The Real Thing. I was so disappointed and was all like, Come back!! I’m so ready to meet this little man!! Oh well, guess he has a few more days or weeks (sigh) to ripen.

I remember the night I went into labor with Nathan, I was feeling a little crampy so I consumed an entire jar of pepperonccini’s. You’ve heard that old wives tale that spicy foods can bring on labor, right? Well, around midnight that night, after eating that whole jar, those little cramps turned into full-on contractions that only got stronger and more intense. Maybe the whole spicy thing was a coincidence because since Nathan was six days past his estimated due date, I had been eating all kinds of spicy foods but to no avail. But still. I think it makes a cool story.

And I think I just may try that again in a few days!


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