A typical phone-call goodbye with Nathan

While talking on the phone to Nathan the other day:

Me: You be good for Daddy and I’ll be home soon, ok?
Nathan: Ok, Mommy, I love you!
Me: I love you too, sweetie!
Nathan: Ok bye, Mommy!
Me: Bye!
Nathan: I love you so much!
Me: I love you so much too, baby!
Nathan: Be careful, Mom!
Me: Sure will, honey.
Nathan: Have a good day!
Me: I will!
Nathan: Are you going to the store?
Me: No, sweetie, I’m on my way home.
Nathan: Ok see you when you get home!
Me: Yeah, see you soon.
Nathan: Bye, Mom! I love you!
Me: Love you too! Bye!
Nathan: Ok bye!
Me: Bye!
Nathan: Bye, Mom! I’ll hang up now!
Me: Ok bye, Nathan.
Nathan: Bye, Mommy! *click*

Seriously. It takes about three minutes for him to tell me goodbye… and I love every second of it!


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