Nine Months


me and my brother

The quality of this picture isn’t the greatest, but this is me and my brother taken a few days ago when he randomly had the opportunity to come up and see me. We met in a nearby town and had a wonderful lunch together- I’m nine months pregnant here and I jokingly told him that he should know how much I love him since I drove somewhere to be able to see him. Of course, when you’re full term, it’s really hard to get comfortable, and sitting in a car driving is no exception! I bet I look so ridiculous to people passing by on the road. I have to twist and contort my body in any and all attempts for just a few moments of pain-free driving. The baby is sitting right on a nerve, making sitting and standing incredibly painful. It’s really awkward when you can’t stand for long, and you can’t sit for long either.

And you know what? Through all this, I STILL go work out! Believe it or not, jogging (well, now that I’m so pregnant, it’s more like power-waddling) on the¬†elliptical isn’t so bad. I think that’s what’s helped keep any swelling at bay, in addition to the light weight-training I’ve continued to do since before I was even pregnant. There is a HUGE difference between this pregnancy and my last one, and I swear exercise has been a huge part of making me feel so much better. I’m sure it will also help when labor and delivery roll around as well. Fingers crossed!


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