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More on car seats


Winter is quickly approaching here in Tennessee, and one thing we parents need to keep in mind is children’s car seat safety and winter coats. Folks, it is NOT safe to have your child in any type of bulky winter coat in a car seat, the main reason being that the bulk prevents the car seat straps from being tight enough. In the event of a crash, the bulk will compress and your child could be ejected from his or her car seat. I came across this article detailing what happened to one mom, and I wanted to help spread awareness.

Also, many cities offer free car seat safety checks with certified carseat safety inspectors. I urge all the parents out there to go to these because I personally see *so many* mistakes other parents are making, from having their infant forward-facing too soon, not having the chest clip on the breastbone, straps that are too loose, and everything in between.



Skim milk, anyone?


This article is why we don’t drink 1% or skim milk! Ok, I didn’t actually know any of this before I read the article… I’ve always just thought skim milk and 1% milk was just nasty tasting. But after reading this article, I’m now I’m definitely staying away from that stuff. *shudders*


Christmas Tree Phase III


I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner! Here’s our completed Christmas Tree… cat-proofed, that is. Meaning only a few ornaments near the bottom because our cats like to rip them off and bat them around the house with their greedy little paws.


Nathan is doing awesome with the tree. He’s allowed to look at the ornaments and even touch them as long as he doesn’t remove them. So far, so good. He’s only taken a couple of them off and tried to play with them, but after being “grounded” from touching the tree for a certain amount of time, he quickly learned.

We have just about all our shopping done. All that’s really left is wrapping. And telling you guys something really super awesome that I bet you aren’t expecting to hear.

Are you ready?

Of course you are!

Well, the good news is that Nathan is going to be a big brother!! That’s right, we’re pregnant with baby #2. I’m 18 weeks along, due around May 20th. We wanted to wait until I was out of my first trimester to announce it, and then I was afraid if I said something, I might jinx it and something bad would happen. (Pregnancy hormones for ya.) But everything is great! Baby is doing awesome, the puking has subsided drastically, and I’m finally getting some of my energy back.

Nathan is excited about being a big brother, and he apparently thinks the best way to communicate with the baby is via my belly button. Seriously, he uses it like a microphone to talk to the baby and I think it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Other than newborn baby feet, that is. And baby hedgehogs. I digress.

So we have an exciting time ahead of us, and we are super excited about our new addition!

Merry Christmas from us to you!



More reasons to avoid genetically modified foods…


THIS article is just one example of why me and my family try to avoid genetically modified foods at all costs.

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