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How does time go by so quickly?


Well, I have gotten woefully behind on posting on my blog. Life has happened. The baby is still (STILL!) not sleeping through the night consistantly, and when he actually DOES sleep through, he’s up and ready to go at 6 or 6:30 am. That is, after a night of crying out in his sleep. So needless to say, this mama is still walking around in a sleep-deprived fog. I tell myself that I’ll get my payback when he’s a teenager… haha! (I’m totally kidding. But yet not…)

Sweet baby John is nearly a year old now. A YEAR. How crazy is that? He’s pulling himself up on furniture and starting to cruise around a little. He eats like a man- 13-15 4.25 oz jars of baby food A DAY. I pretty much have to suppliment by making as much homemade baby food as I can to offset the cost. (Baby food is expensive at around 55 cents a container. It adds up!) It’s so much cheaper to make my own. For example, for about $10, I made about $60 worth of baby food. Sweet peas, butternut squash with apples, bannannas, applesauce, pears, and prunes are among his favorite homemade foods. We don’t give him a lot of prunes and pears any more, however, because those definitely work well to loosen up his bowel movements.

He’s still on Stage 2 baby foods. He has a pretty strong aversion to any type of texture whatsoever. Even if I mash something like a teeny tiny piece of bananna and put it in his mouth, he’ll gag and throw up. The pediatrician said this is pretty normal for his age and to start brushing his tongue with a toothbrush twice a day to desensitize him. Oddly enough, however, the tongue-brushing doesn’t bother John at all, and he will even hum while I do it. Crazy baby.

He has about four top teeth and two bottom teeth, with two more starting to poke through on the bottom. And he is chewing on everything! I seriously have to make sure I keep my floors swept because he’ll pick up anything from random bits of debris to tufts of cat fur and put them in his mouth. I always know when this has happened because I’ll hear him start to gag. Once, I even had to stick my finger down his throat and do the “finger swoop” to discover he’d tried to eat a piece of paper which had then gotten stuck in his throat. Oh that baby stresses me out with his eating everything! But one look at his beautiful smile and everything is a-ok.



And look, below is a picture of Nathan I put on this blog about four years ago when he was about the same then age as John is now. Look at how similar they look! I love it! My brother and I don’t look much alike- he looks more like our dad and I look more like our mom. So for me, it’s so cool that my boys look so much a like. They even have the same smile! Handsome little fellas, I tell ya.

outside and happy

Nathan is all-in-all still an amazing big brother, but now that John’s older, Nathan is definitely starting to have his moments. Sibling rivalry, perhaps? I remember picking on my poor sweet baby brother constantly when we were little, so I can’t say what he’s doing is suprising. Thankfully, these moments are still far outweigh by how patient and loving he is towards John. He’s great with keeping John occupied and sharing his toys with him. He’s even “decorated” his brother with stickers!



As for Nathan, he is about to graduate preschool and will be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall. I can’t believe my oldest baby will be in elementary school. He’s doing fabulous in school, and his testing shows he has far exceeded his peers with excellent scores on his academic testing. I’m telling you, this kid is brilliant. The main issues he lags on is still his fine and gross motor skills and social skills, but fortunately, he’s receiving the appropriate help for those at school (due to him having high-funtioning Autism.) Gosh, I sure do love my Nathan.

Oh! And Nathan lost his first tooth!! It was one of his front bottom teeth- the first one he got when he was 6 months old. We noticed it was loose one day, and a few days later, it was definitely ready to come out. I asked Nathan if he was ok with me pulling it out and he exuberently replied with a resounding YES! So I pulled it out. I didn’t even have to pull hard. And Nathan didn’t cry! That night, we put it under his pillow, and since it was his very first tooth that he lost, the Tooth Fairy left him a Lego set along with a little note. He was as proud as he could be. I, on the other hand, found the tooth-loss to be bittersweet. My baby is growing up. And when I look at that little tooth (which I have saved, of course), I am flooded with memories of all the times he bit me, all the baby foods he ate with that tooth, the transition to table foods… it’s hard not to get teary-eyed sometimes.


My boys are the most wonderful things to have ever happened to us!! Even with their moments of bickering, they are practically inseperable. I LOVE it! Wherever you see one, you’ll more than likely see the other. It is my hope and prayer they continue to be close as they grow into adults. Having a sibling is awesome, especially one you’re really close to. Just look at those sweet little faces. We are so blessed to have such amazing kids. Our hearts are full.










A day in our life


Things John has done during moments when I turned my head. As much as I would love to, I can’t be a Helicopter Mom and hover over his every move. I still have to clean, do laundry, use the restroom, and take care of Nathan, to name a few reasons. This little boy keeps me on my toes, for sure!

-Pulled down the floor lamp and banged it on the floor

-Wrapped himself up in electrical cords that I mistakenly thought were secured to the wall

-Dragged a small end-table across the living room while banging it on the floor

-Scooted into Nathan’s room, closed the door, wedged himself in front of it and started crying. It was quite a fiasco to get the door open with him sitting there- I didn’t want him to get hurt!

-Scooted his way into the bathroom and proceeded to get into the cabinet under the sink, throwing things around at his whim. I now make sure the bathroom door stays closed.

-Pulled the wiring out from our entertainment center

-Changed the settings on the receiver so we had no sound

-Hid the remote under his exersaucer. You should have seen how we scrambled to find that thing.

-Pulled books off of the bookshelf. Fortunately, he didn’t rip any of them up. Yet.

-Sniffed and then tried to eat a tuft of cat fur he discovered floating on the floor

-Tried to rip open a trash bag I had just tied up and removed from the trashcan. Fortunately, I saw what he was trying to do and was able to intervene before he succeeded.

-Dragged rugs across the room

This is just a small list of the mischief my little baby will get into in a short amount of time! I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. When he’s awake, he is literally all over the place!

He says Mama and Dada a lot, and he’s even said “CAT!” a few times as he scoots around, grasping at the air his fingers splayed open with in hopes of getting a handful of their fur. Fortunately, with the exception of Andrew, they are smart enough to run away from him. Oh the sound of him scooting accross the floor is priceless. He slaps those little hands down on the hardwood as he lifts his body up and scoots forward. SLAP!-BUMP!-SLAP!-BUMP! And he’s getting super fast.

He has also pulled himself up into a standing position. He’s only done it once so far, but it’s so crazy to see my little baby in a standing position as he holds on to something for support. What am I going to do when he starts walking? This time really is going by so fast.

He’s been such a grumpy bear the past couple of weeks. I don’t know if it’s teething or what, but it’s been rough. He’s still waking up multiple times a night, and spends most of the day whining and crying and chewing on those fingers. I’ve tried giving him children’s ibuprofen, children’s Tylenol, teething pellets that you dissove in water, gripe water, and nothing seems to help with the exception of gripe water. He had a pretty bad cold last week with a low fever, puking, and loss of appetite. He’s eating better now but is still so dang grumpy. I don’t know if the cold is lingering or if his little teeth just hurt. And he won’t chew on anything but his fingers!! I have all kinds of teething toys, but he refuses them. Poor buddy. Let’s hope this phase passes quickly because this mama is worn out!


What a weekend!


So this weekend was crazy busy for us. Nathan stayed with Paul’s parents on Friday night so Paul and I could celebrate an early Valentine’s Day (which, by the way, was our usual gluttonous dinner at a great Italian Restaurant and then we played some pool). Nathan was teething pretty bad, though. He was drooling like a faucet and chewing on both of his little hands, leaving angry bite marks on his skin showing how intense his agony was. But then, when I met Paul’s mom for lunch, Nathan perked up and seemed to do better. We got to her house, and he acted perfectly happy and fine. But then? Then I had the utter audacity TO LEAVE. And Nathan let his grandma know in no uncertain terms that he was VERY unhappy about it. He was so unhappy about it, in fact, that he literally cried the entire evening and continuously went to the door looking for me. He refused to let her love on him and wouldn’t even eat his dinner! Finally, it was time for him to go to bed. And when he woke up the next day, he was remained somber and cheerless until Paul showed up to get him.

I understand why Nathan acted that way- he was hurting. His back molars are coming in and he just doesn’t feel well. And he just wanted Mama there to fix it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t just go back and get him (we were in the middle of dinner when we got the news, plus we didn’t want to set a precedent encouraging Nathan to throw tantrums and cry until Mom and Dad finally show up to get him.) Needless to say, he was quite happy to be back home although he remained fussy the entire weekend.

 And then? To top it off, he’s sick today. He woke up with a runny/stuffy nose, cough, and congestion. A lady at my Monday bible study texted me and told me that she and another mom who attends the study wouldn’t be able to make it because they’re kids are sick, too… with the same symptoms Nathan has. I’m just glad they don’t take their kids to church sick, unlike SOME PEOPLE. I hate that. It’s so rude to take your sick kid to church, spreading their Sick Germs to other unsuspecting children and parents just so YOU can have a break. It’s selfish. Because your sick kid gets my kid sick, and then I get sick, and then Paul gets sick. And then I feel like hunting down the parent whose kid got mine sick and coughing my germ-filled mucus all over his or her face. I know, that’s not nice for me to say, but I am not a happy camper when I get sick. I mean, I go out of my way to keep Nathan healthy. I always sanitize the table, high chair, etc. when we go out to eat. I use one of those shopping cart covers when I go shopping. I wash my hands constantly after I’ve been in public. So the only place he’s in contact with sick germs is, of all places, church. Now, I totally understand that someone can be contagious before they show symptoms, and I don’t fault them because they don’t know. I’m referring to people who take their ACTIVELY sick kid to church. It just ruffles my feathers in such a way that I get all burning and itchy inside.

Sooooo, on top of ALL THAT, I also did something to my hand. I accidentally flung it against my car door when I was trying to get out and at first I thought I broke it. I couldn’t make a fist or move my middle finger the whole weekend. It’s feeling better today, just mostly stiff and I can’t exert any pressure with it. And oh, it’s incredibly painful to change Nathan’s poopie diapers because Nathan doesn’t like his diapers to be changed and he fights it, so it really puts a strain on my hand.

So anyway, enough of my moaning and groaning. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, my invisible interwebz friends! Hope you all have a great day and don’t eat too much chocolate. Oh wait, what am I saying?? INDULGE!


In which the only time in your life having a mullet is acceptable


Well, today I have a total Zombler on my hands. I think Nathan is teething his molars. I can’t see them yet, but he’s drooling, whining, and trying to gnaw his entire hand off.  The only time I can get him to stop whining and feel ok for a few minutes is when I turn Blue’s Clues on.

It’s like magic. He laughs and giggles and forgets about wallowing in his misery, if only for a short while.

As as I sit here watching him watch his show, I’m admiring his growing hair. This kid has had very little hair for his entire life, and I was starting to worry that he would be nearly hairless forever. His hair grew about half an inch a few months ago, but it was so fine and thin that he still looked bald, especially when he was in the sun.

It reminds me of my high school chemistry teacher. He was a really short, grumpy, dour old man and was almost completely bald except for this long section of hair on the side of his scalp that he would comb over. Seriously, he combed his hair over his baldness, only THE ENTIRE TOP OF HIS HEAD was bald. And his comb-over was so thin that you could plainly see his bald scalp right through it. It was so hilarious because it was painfully obvious that he was bald, and he was completely oblivious to the fact that EVERYONE KNEW.

The class would always play pranks on him because it was so funny to see him get all worked up. He was short enough that he couldn’t reach the top of the marker-board (chalkboards are so old school, yo) so sometimes my classmates would put all the board’s markers and erasers up there. He would be fit to be tied, and he would jump up and down, arms stretched as high as they could go in an attempt to retrieve them. His comb-over would bounce and flop, so in between jumps, he would pat it back down. Of course, the whole two inches he could jump off the ground wasn’t actually significant enough to help. So instead, he just looked like an angry, bald, rapidly-jumping raisin.

Think he was strange? Don’t even get me started on the biology teacher I had who believed she was a seagull in a past life.

Or the Marketing teacher who came to class one day wearing only one large, obnoxious earring because she lost the other one and they were “too neat not to wear again.” All while wearing shoes she spray-painted gold.

Thankfully the only quality my son shares with my former chemistry teacher is his thin hair.  Nathan has nothing even remotely resembling a comb-over because his hair is shorter on the sides, just a bit longer on the top, and even longer in the back.

In fact, it disconcertingly reminds me of a mullet.

If Nathan is ever going to sport one of those obnoxious hairdos, now is the only time in his life when it would be considered even remotely acceptable; when he’s in the process of actually growing hair for the first time ever. It’s not acceptable to already have a head of hair and then have it cut INTO a mullet. (Why oh why would do people do that? Don’t they not realize it automatically turns them into a joke?)

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