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A day in our life


Things John has done during moments when I turned my head. As much as I would love to, I can’t be a Helicopter Mom and hover over his every move. I still have to clean, do laundry, use the restroom, and take care of Nathan, to name a few reasons. This little boy keeps me on my toes, for sure!

-Pulled down the floor lamp and banged it on the floor

-Wrapped himself up in electrical cords that I mistakenly thought were secured to the wall

-Dragged a small end-table across the living room while banging it on the floor

-Scooted into Nathan’s room, closed the door, wedged himself in front of it and started crying. It was quite a fiasco to get the door open with him sitting there- I didn’t want him to get hurt!

-Scooted his way into the bathroom and proceeded to get into the cabinet under the sink, throwing things around at his whim. I now make sure the bathroom door stays closed.

-Pulled the wiring out from our entertainment center

-Changed the settings on the receiver so we had no sound

-Hid the remote under his exersaucer. You should have seen how we scrambled to find that thing.

-Pulled books off of the bookshelf. Fortunately, he didn’t rip any of them up. Yet.

-Sniffed and then tried to eat a tuft of cat fur he discovered floating on the floor

-Tried to rip open a trash bag I had just tied up and removed from the trashcan. Fortunately, I saw what he was trying to do and was able to intervene before he succeeded.

-Dragged rugs across the room

This is just a small list of the mischief my little baby will get into in a short amount of time! I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. When he’s awake, he is literally all over the place!

He says Mama and Dada a lot, and he’s even said “CAT!” a few times as he scoots around, grasping at the air his fingers splayed open with in hopes of getting a handful of their fur. Fortunately, with the exception of Andrew, they are smart enough to run away from him. Oh the sound of him scooting accross the floor is priceless. He slaps those little hands down on the hardwood as he lifts his body up and scoots forward. SLAP!-BUMP!-SLAP!-BUMP! And he’s getting super fast.

He has also pulled himself up into a standing position. He’s only done it once so far, but it’s so crazy to see my little baby in a standing position as he holds on to something for support. What am I going to do when he starts walking? This time really is going by so fast.

He’s been such a grumpy bear the past couple of weeks. I don’t know if it’s teething or what, but it’s been rough. He’s still waking up multiple times a night, and spends most of the day whining and crying and chewing on those fingers. I’ve tried giving him children’s ibuprofen, children’s Tylenol, teething pellets that you dissove in water, gripe water, and nothing seems to help with the exception of gripe water. He had a pretty bad cold last week with a low fever, puking, and loss of appetite. He’s eating better now but is still so dang grumpy. I don’t know if the cold is lingering or if his little teeth just hurt. And he won’t chew on anything but his fingers!! I have all kinds of teething toys, but he refuses them. Poor buddy. Let’s hope this phase passes quickly because this mama is worn out!


The things kids say…


Sometimes kids say the darndest things. When I pick Nathan up from school, we all drive through the front and a teacher walks them out and helps them get into the car. When I picked Nathan up yesterday, the teacher was helping him into his carseat and Nathan asked if Daddy was home.

“Not yet,” I replied. “He’s still at work.”

Then, with all seriousness and a completely straight face, he looked at me and said, “Is Daddy wearing clothes today?” The teacher busted out laughing. I told Nathan that yes, Daddy was wearing clothes today. Just like he does every single day of the year. (No one in my house, including the kids, walks around without clothes on. Well, come summer time, I may have the baby in just his diaper because let’s face it- naked babies in cloth diapers are only the cutest things ever!)

Through fits of laughter, the teacher told me that they’ve learned to not believe anything the kids tell them since they say the most bizzare things. Thank goodness she understands because that might have been a little awkward trying to explain to her that we do indeed wear clothes.

In other news, Nathan had his first ear infection ever. Nathan was fine when I dropped him off at school on Thursday, other than a residual runny nose and cough from a lingering cold. However, when I picked him up from school that day, l could tell something was very wrong. He was crying and holding his little ear, tears streaming down his face like miniature waterfalls. The teacher who brought him out told me he’d been complaining about his ear hurting that day, but it had apparently gotten worse in the last hour or so.

I asked Nathan where he hurt, and he said (obviously) that it was his ear. I asked him if he put anything inside his ear and he said a balloon popped in his ear. Since he’s on the tail end of a nasty cold, I was worried about either an ear infection or a busted ear drum since he said a balloon popped in his ear. Nathan was screaming and crying so hard that he couldn’t talk, so I immediately called his doctor.

I know I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again- I LOVE their pediatrician. When I told the receptionist what was going on, she asked how soon I could be there and I said five minutes. We get there and waited only long enough for me to take Nathan’s coat off before we were called back. Nathan was screaming the whole time and his ear was bright red. He was so pitiful, in fact, that everyone we came across at the doctor’s office tried to offer him words of consolation. “Poor buddy, don’t worry we’ll get that ear taken care of,” “Aw bless him,” “It’s okay little man, we’re going to help you,” among other sweet things.

The doctor took one look at his ear and confirmed it was an ear infection. And while he was looking at his ear, Nathan asked the doctor to get the balloon out. Fortunately, there were no balloon pieces in there. Nathan’s ear drum was bulging from the ear infection, however, but the doctor said since we caught it so early, he was going to be just fine. Administering the numbing drops was another story. They know about his sensory issues, and bless them for being so accomodating. The nurse explained to Nathan exactly what she was going to do and what it would feel like, but he still panicked once she put them in.

See, his brain processes sensory information differently than that of a typical person. Sensory input (such as the wind in our hair, textures, sounds, etc.) that may be annoying or even pleasant for us can be excruciating for him. Even showers are painful for him. Because of his autim, he doesn’t (or can’t) tell us how it feels, but judging from his reaction, I suspect it feels like needles jabbing at his skin. So anyway, the feeling of the cold medicine dripping into his ear caused him to start shrieking and flopping around, but the nurse handled it perfectly. Ironically enough, he really enjoyed having the cotton in his ear, and even asked for another piece when the first one fell out. He was still reeling from the drops when the doctor returned with the prescription, but he was able to calm Nathan down and even solicited a laugh or two by giving high-fives and “missing” a few of them. After the numbing drops and some ibuprofen, we left to drop of a prescription for antibiotics.

After further questioning in the car, Nathan said the balloon popped by his ear at home. I remember that- it happened a week or so ago. When it happened, I remember telling Nathan that we have to be very careful with balloons next time because having them pop by our ears can cause ear pain among other problems. So apparently when his ear started hurting, he thought it was because of the balloon popping. My sweet boy.

Nathan’s on the mend now and back to his old self. I hated seeing him in such pain. This is his first ear infection ever- and after seeing firsthand what kind of pain it causes, my heart really goes out to kids who suffer from numerous ear infections. Sweet Nathan. I’m glad I got him in when I did before it got worse! And I hope he doesn’t have to deal with something like that any time soon!


Begone, winter germs!


Sweet Nathan has strep throat. This is the first time he’s ever had it. I got a call from his school yesterday. His teacher said he was just fine that morning; he was playing, laughing, and in great spirits. But when lunch time rolled around, he started complaining about not feeling so well. When his teacher saw he only took one bite of his lunch, she knew something was wrong, so she sent him to the school nurse to have his temperature taken. He had a fever, so they called me to come get him. I love how his teacher knows him well enough to notice when he’s not himself.  When I got there, he was pale and complaining of his stomach hurting, so I was worried he had a stomach bug. After we got home, he threw up, so I took him to the doctor.

He loves going to the doctor! It’s pretty funny. He hated going to the last pediatrician he had. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice and everything, but his new doctor we have now is seriously awesome. They understand Nathan and his sensory issues, so they take their time and explain everything they’re about to do with him. They don’t rush him and have never gotten irritated with him. Plus, he LOVES the play area in the waiting room, so I’m sure that helps.

As we were walking to the room to be seen, all the nurses we passed could tell he was very sick just by looking at him. Poor kid was walking so slowly and just looked awful. He was complaining about being tired and that his stomach hurt, but when I asked him if his throat hurt, he said no. (He sometimes has a hard time explaining how he feels or what hurts.)

So at any rate, the doctor noticed his throat was red and inflamed, so he did a strep test. It came back positive. I didn’t know strep could make you throw up, but apparently it sure does. To make matters worse, after we dropped off his prescription for antibiotics, he threw up all over the place when we got home. Literally! Nathan stood in the hallway, leaned over, and puked over and over again. It was all over the floor, his shoes, the wall, the door… what a mess! Paul was a sweetheart and cleaned it all up and changed Nathan’s clothes. He turned on some caratoons and made a pallet on the floor for Nathan with a sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow, so Nathan curled up in it and fell asleep for a couple of hours. When he woke up, we gave him his medicine and took him to his room for bed.

The medicine worked wonders. When he got up this morning, he was already feeling much better! After about 24 hours of the medicine, he shouldn’t be contagious anymore. I hate seeing my kids so sick, so I’m thankful I was able to get him into the doctor immediately and caught the strep before it got any worse. Now let’s hope the rest of us don’t come down with it.

I’m so not a fan of winter germs and the sicknesses they bring.


A pain in the back


Well apparently my husband and I are getting old. (Aside from the whole obvious everybody-gets-old thing, that is.) We’re breaking down! So Paul hurt his back shortly after John was born, and it’s still giving him problems. He reinjured it again one morning by coughing, and then again a few days ago by walking through some grass. And me? I strained mine while we were moving, but then it was doing a lot better until about a week ago. I had thw baby in my arms, and I tripped and fell. The baby was just fine- I, on the other hand, didn’t have any hands to brace myself with. So I landed flat on my tailbone. Oh man, does my back hurt. The fall jarred it all the way up my spine, and now I walk like I’m an old lady! I can’t move my left leg without pain.

The good news is that we’re still young enough to where we can both heal. Hopefully sooner rather than later, because we are quite the sight to see. We’ve both been doing stretches and exercises to hopefully rebuild the muscles. I know there are tons of people out there living with back pain, and I really feel for them because it’s rough!

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