Finally! Nathan’s birthday pictures!

Finally! Nathan’s pictures from his birthday celebration are up! He had such a nice little birthday party… it was just family this year because he’s only two years and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “birthday” just yet. And we all know he has a problem with too much going on, so we decided to keep it small and simple this year.  But he LOVED his little party. He was all smiley and happy and was running around clapping his little heart out.  Maybe it was because all the attention was focused on him. Maybe he could see how excited and happy all us adults were. Whatever the reason, he was totally diggin’ his special day. I still can’t believe my little baby is two years old.

His great-uncle showing Nathan how to play the piano

Nathan absolutely loved opening his presents… and I think Paul had just as much fun as Nathan did

More present fun. He made out like a bandit… had lots of goodies to play with!

Being such a big boy… playing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather

“Look at me, Daddy!”

Plotting something devilish, I’m sure

I hear boys like playing with rocks and sticks. Nathan is no exception.

“You ready to go inside, Nathan?”
“No… okay? Ball! Ball!”

“Hey! Look what I found! Isn’t it cool?”



  1. LOVE the pics…daddy does look like he’s having as much fun as Nathan!

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