Finally!! I am posting Nathan’s Christmas pictures!

Christmas was great. Ok, make that really freakin’ adorable. When Nathan first came into the living room, he didn’t even notice the presents under the tree. But once he DID notice them, he made a beeline right for the Christmas tree, craning his neck as his arms waved ahead of him as if to summon the presents directly into his slobbery outstretched palms.

After he opened some of his presents, he played with them and was really enjoying this thing called Life when all of a sudden the Bad Mood Fairy came and pooped on everything. Nathan was having so much fun playing with the presents that he had already opened that he absolutely did not want to open any more. Paul and I would hand him a present only to have it slapped away with a dissatisfied grunt. He let us know that he needed to play with his newly opened toys for a while (as in, we had to delay the rest of Christmas!) before he would even think about opening any more. Which I would have never expected. I’ve always heard of kids ripping through all of their presents before playing with them. But Nathan’s already proven to us that he’s not like other kids… he makes up his own rules!


Having a very important conversation with Ernie

Ooh! I wonder if I can get in there through osmosis?

Didn’t work. Maybe this book will teach me how to do it.

Andrew sez ozmosis worx evry time.

Paul was apparently too slow for Nathan, so Nathan decided to “help.”

Oh sweet, sweet success!

Can life get any better than Hot Wheels?

Why yes, it can. Just sit in a box and you will understand.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll help you get the toy out.” 

Showing us how to REALLY rip open a present

He is quite pleased with his loot 




  1. Precious! I guess the excitement can get a wee bit overwhelming for a little one. Looks like a fabulous Christmas for all, even the cats!
    .-= SuziCate´s last blog ..The River Of Abundance =-.

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