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Birthday boy!


Well, I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday concerning this ongoing neck and shoulder pain I’ve been having. I thought it was slowly mending itself, but then the pain flared up again. The stiffness and accompanying dull aching sensations in my whole shoulder and neck area was becoming unbearable. So anyway, my doctor thinks that I either tore a muscle or some cartlidge and then arthritis set in. In December, I pinched a nerve in my neck. Then in January, while still recovering from my pinched nerve, I was reaching overhead for a blanket when I heard and felt a pop in my shoulder (probably the torn muscle or cartlidge the doctor was referring to.) So I’m a big ole mess here and let me tell you, it sucks.

It really sucks that I’m having such painful arthritis problems. I’m only 31. That’s a little depressing.

So anyway, he gave me a Cortisone shot in my shoulder and guess what? Now I’m experiencing a Cortisone Flare. The injection site is swollen and all the surrounding tissue is so sore that I can’t even touch it. I couldn’t take a shower last night because I literally could not move my right arm because of the pain each little movement caused in my shoulder/upper back. Just putting on my socks is agony. I can’t even think about lifting Nathan at this point. Fortunately, these symptoms should only last 24-48 hours, but until then, I have to rest my arm, take Ibuprofen, and ice the area. That means I can’t empty the trash, so my house stinks because the trash is full. Can’t vacuum, mop, clean, do dishes, do the litterboxes, etc. I hate, hate, hate not being able to take care of things around the house, which is probably what got me into this mess. Instead of resting my injury, I just pushed through the pain and kept doing the housework. I HATE getting behind on the housework because it takes forever to catch back up. Well, I’m not going to make that mistake again. I’m going to take it easy until my shoulder feels better. Not sure how I am going to deal with a messy house in the meantime… too bad Nathan’s not old enough to be handed some chores!

I know, I know. Woe am I, right?

Enough with my kvetching and self pity. In other news, my baby boy has turned THREE YEARS OLD! I can’t believe it! We had a party for him at a pizza place this last Saturday, and it was great. Just about the entire extended family was able to make it, along with a couple of my friends and their husbands and children. All in all, I think there was about 25 people or so in attendance. My dear friend of nearly 13 years baked a special cake just for Nathan. It was HEAVEN. In fact, I have been gorging on cake for the past few days, and if I gain any weight, I shall blame it entirely on my friend and not my temporary lack of self-control.

Here is a picture of that sugary deliciousness. It was a double-layer vanilla cake, and she made the checkerboard design with sheet icing.

And yes, I realize that I had placed Francesco (the green, red, and white car) on a collision course with Lightning McQueen. Francesco had been removed by little hands, and I wasn’t paying attention when I put him back on the track. Oh well. Nathan didn’t seem to care.

Singing happy birthday to Nathan! He totally loved everyone singing to him and was as proud as he could be that he was finally three years old.

Blowing out the candle with a little help from Daddy. It looks like Nathan was so focused on blowing the candle out that he could have face-planted into the cake.

Reading the card from his great grandparents (Paul’s grandparents). Believe it or not, Nathan really likes cards. Ever since his party, he’s been looking at his cards, carrying them around, and playing with them. I let him play with them until he starts to get too rough, then I put them away for safe keeping before he mauls them to death.

He loves opening presents. Although he seems to prefer unwrapping them, he also loves digging into gift bags and flinging the tissue in all directions. Look at his face- he was really concentrating!

He liked the wooden car my brother got him. And oh, see the hat he’s wearing? That’s his train conductor’s hat, a gift from Paul’s grandparents. Nathan LOVES it and has been wearing it constantly since he got it.

When he thought there were no more presents, he got a little upset. Hey, it’s not a party until someone cries, right?

Ahhhh sweet relief. There were more gifts after all.

This one was from Paul and me. Look at Nathan’s mouth hanging open as he examines it… he loves this toy. He loves ALL his toys. He got some super cool stuff… in fact, he made out like a bandit. He loves, loves, loves every single one of his gifts and has been playing with them all nonstop! Everyone picked out the perfect things for him… there was not a single present that he was disinterested in. In fact, when we got home from the party, we didn’t even bother trying to get him to nap. He was too pumped up about all his new toys. The first thing he does when he gets up in the mornings is break out the new stuff. Which is really, really cool.

See, Paul and I don’t buy him a whole lot of toys throughout the year. Don’t get me wrong, we DO buy him stuff, but he is not spoiled by any stretch of the imagination. So whenever he gets gifts, it just makes his day/week/month. Now I just need to find the time to go through his room and pack away the toys he’s outgrown.

Wow… I still cannot believe I’m the mother of a three year old.



The almost-forgotten summer pictures


Paul, Nathan, and I all went to the lake the celebrate Paul’s grandmother’s birthday with other family members. Back in July. Yeah, that’s right. It was a few months ago, and I just realized I never posted the pictures I took! That, my friends, is Mommy Brain at its best. Better late than never, right? Also, as usual, I only posted pictures of Paul, Nathan, and myself for privacy reasons.

Nathan loves being outside and doing anything outdoors. Including letting the warm sun wash over his face as he trots around with his head thrown back and his eyes closed.

He ran and ran, and then when he was done with all that running, he ran some more. He ran around the entire area, exploring everything. And he is such a boy; he loves rocks. Big rocks, little rocks, smooth rocks, jagged rocks, it doesn’t matter. He loves them all and when he sees a rock (especially larger ones), he can’t help but check it out.

He was enchanted with the height of the trees. He would run to the base of one and tilt his head as far back as his little neck would allow, admiring the height and I’m sure anticipating the day when he will actually be able to climb them.

This pose looks like he’s saying, “Now wait a minute, Mommy! You can’t tell me I can’t do something!” I’m sure he was thinking that at the time. This kid loves to test everything Paul and I say… I say don’t touch, and he looks right at me and tries to touch. Of course, we are very consistent with his discipline, so Nathan is quite aware of the consequences for bad behavior. Yet he can’t help himself. He must test. It is in his very being. Anyway, in this picture, he was actually just talking to me and waving his little hands around.

Every so often, we had to coerce Nathan into taking a break from all his running. It was warm and humid that day, and Nathan was drenched in sweat. So we laid out a picnic blanket and enticed him to chill out with some of his favorite toys. I love how Paul and Nathan are laying in similar positions.

My turn to get lovings from my boy! Since this picture was taken, I’ve lost about 12 more pounds. (You can’t really tell my size here because of the angle of the camera… plus Nathan is hiding my belly, hips, and thighs. Thankfully. I wouldn’t want to blind anyone.) Speaking of weight loss, as of right now, I am soooooo close to meeting my goal of making it to my ideal weight for my height. Only 13 more pounds to go! Once I reach that goal, I will have lost a total of 50 pounds. It’s so exciting to accomplish a goal you set for yourself… The secret? Willpower, willpower, willpower. Determination and the refusal to give up will get you anything, my friends.

Nathan also loved watching all the boats and jet-skis zooming past. When he heard the drum of a motor, he would stop what he was doing and watch intently as the boat sped past. At one point, a plane flew by overhead. The child was completely mesmerized.

It was a perfect summer day. It was humid and hot enough to remind us it was still summer, but not so much that we were all miserably roasting in our own sweat. It was a perfect day, and we all had an absolute blast.



Finally! Nathan’s birthday pictures!


Finally! Nathan’s pictures from his birthday celebration are up! He had such a nice little birthday party… it was just family this year because he’s only two years and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “birthday” just yet. And we all know he has a problem with too much going on, so we decided to keep it small and simple this year.  But he LOVED his little party. He was all smiley and happy and was running around clapping his little heart out.  Maybe it was because all the attention was focused on him. Maybe he could see how excited and happy all us adults were. Whatever the reason, he was totally diggin’ his special day. I still can’t believe my little baby is two years old.

His great-uncle showing Nathan how to play the piano

Nathan absolutely loved opening his presents… and I think Paul had just as much fun as Nathan did

More present fun. He made out like a bandit… had lots of goodies to play with!

Being such a big boy… playing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather

“Look at me, Daddy!”

Plotting something devilish, I’m sure

I hear boys like playing with rocks and sticks. Nathan is no exception.

“You ready to go inside, Nathan?”
“No… okay? Ball! Ball!”

“Hey! Look what I found! Isn’t it cool?”


I now have a two year old


I hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was wonderful. We celebrated Nathan’s second birthday! It was so much fun because, unlike last year, this year he understood that it was a special day and that it was all about him… he was totally loving all the attention! We kept telling him “Happy Birthday! You’re two years old now!” so he’s been running around saying “Two! Two!” just as proud as he can be. I can’t believe my baby is two years old already. I can’t believe how quickly time passes, especially in retrospect. I have some really cute pictures I’ll post as soon as I can!

In the meantime, let me tell you a funny story. See, I’ve been working with Nathan on being polite and saying “please” and “thank you.” Only somehow, he’s interpreted please to mean if Mommy says no, say please a million times in a row to get her to change her mind (which I don’t do, by the way.) So now, he says please after everything. The other day, I told him not to pull the cat’s tail. He responded with a “Pwease? Pwease? PWEASE?”  And then he proceeded to have a temper tantrum when I didn’t relent.

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan.  No matter how badly you want to do it, my son, I will never allow you to pull the cat’s tail.

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