Here, my friends, is a video of Nathan getting better at his crawling. He’s crawling much faster and is becoming more and more coordinated. I have been like his shadow the past few days… following him around, camera poised and ready to shoot some video of him crawling. But, like I said in another post, every time he saw me turn on the camera, he would stop crawling and┬áplop down, smiling as he waited for the inevitable flash and all the oooh‘s and aaah‘s that I say while reviewing the pictures.

He loves all the attention. He knows that the camera equals lots of fawning over him and lot (and I do mean lots) of praise for those super adorable poses that he’s getting really good at.

So get this. In order to get video of him crawling, I had to be a little crafty. You know how much he loves his laptop, right? Well, I placed Nathan at one end of the room… the laptop and I sat at the other end. I pressed one of the little musical buttons, and as soon as Nathan heard the familiar jingles, he was on his way!

I love how he slams his hands down on the floor with such determination. He’s all like, LAPTOP, I WILL GET YOU. You and your LITTLE DOG, TOO.