Less than a month ago, Nathan started playing constantly with the baby laptop he got as a Christmas gift. He has so much fun turning it over and over in his pudgy little hands, exploring every single nook and cranny with an inquisitive eye. And he used to love pounding the entire thing with one of his other toys, like his Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal or his Mr. Seahorse rattle.

Showing Pooh the laptop


Showing Mr. Seahorse the laptop


About to close the laptop- which he LOVES to do


Laptop was tossed aside… ready for the next adventure


It’s amazing to watch him grow and change. Even though these pictures weren’t taken that long ago, he doesn’t even play with the laptop the same way. Now, he likes actually pushing the buttons as apposed to banging on them with his hands or other objects. And he’s already outgrown the outfit he’s wearing. His hair has gotten a little thicker. He’s mobile. He’s trying really, really hard to pull himself up on the furniture. He’s getting super active and understands a little more each day.

My baby is growing up right in front of me!


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