I’ve never been particularly happy with Nathan’s haircuts that we’ve paid for over the years. Combine his sensory issues with a sometimes over-zealous hairdresser and you typically end up with haircuts where his hair looked like a mushroom, or was crooked, or too short, or a combination of it all with a traumatized mom and kid to boot. I admit, he’s not the easiest kid to give a haircut to. The buzzers stress him, he does NOT like the water spritzer, the clipped hair falling on his face and neck is agonizingly itchy, and he’s just uncomfortable in general.

So I decided to cut his hair myself. Mama can do a better job at keeping him mellow than a stranger, and even then the poor fellow still ends up having a screaming fit, usually from the intense itchy feeling the cut pieces of hair cause him.

At least at this young age, no one cares how the cut turns out, least of all Nathan. And it’s not any worse than some of the haircuts we’ve actually paid for. The Cuts by Mama actually aren’t too bad considering I have zero training. I’m getting better and better with each cut, and I’m learning as I go. Plus it helps that Nathan is so darn cute that any hair style looks great on him!

So a few nights ago, he got another haircut by Mama. There’s only one little spot that’s a little crooked, but all in all he looks quite handsome. In fact, when he came home from school after getting his hair cut, he told me he got quite a few compliments. He was very happy!

I sure do love that little guy.


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