It’s so hard to believe my baby is six weeks old now. You wanna know what he’s started doing? SMILING! Not the smiles babies do when they have gas… these are the real thing. It’s still hard to get him to do it; babies don’t exactly do things on command. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Sometimes I’ll tickle his little foot, and I’ll get this:


Then I’ll kiss his little hands, and I’ll get this:


That’s his almost smile. That’s all a kiss to his hands will get me. Until I lean in really close, grin like a lunatic, and say “Hello there, my handsome baby!” Then I get this:


A smile! It’s a beautiful John smile! My heart melts every single time I see it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking at the camera screen when I took the picture. I was leaning in really close, working so hard to get him to smile. I snapped the picture as soon as he smiled without looking, so I didn’t notice his face was off screen. Oh well. I guess a half-picture is better than no picture!

I love my boys!


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