Getting it done

We have our move mostly done! We have our big stuff (like bed, couch, dressers, TV, etc) all moved over to the new house. All that’s left at the old house are little things that we’re going back and getting once a day. We still have to clean, too, but that shouldn’t take too awful long, especially once we get the rest of the little stuff out.

It feels so GOOD to be in the new place. Not just feeling good that the move is mostly done, but the energy in the house feels good, too. I can’t wait to get everything put away and organized. It’s a process, and we’ll get it done eventually. Having this itty bitty baby and a very active four-year-old kinda makes things take a lot longer, but that’s just fine. It is what it is. And slow as it is, it’s starting to look great inside as we get stuff put away and our furniture in their spots. And all the extra space! It’s great! Especially coming from our itty bitty previous home.

It feels like we’re supposed to be here, if that makes sense.


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