I love sitting outside on our deck. It’s gorgeous out here, even when it’s dark. You can actually hear what sounds like hundreds of crickets chirping. The sound isn’t dulled by the drone of a busy highway nearby. No loud cars racing past our house at all hours. No obnoxious motorcycles and their head-splitting vrooms.

Our deck/patio is huge- the deck wraps around the back and side of the house. A large portion of the deck is covered by a high vaulted ceiling with windows so you can still see the sky. There are floodlights (I think 14 or so?) with dimmers surrounding the house, so it’s awesome to dim the lights and sit out here and enjoy the night. There’s also a ceiling fan that drops down from the vaulted part of the ceiling- perfect for hot days and for keeping some of the bugs away. My only complaint is the mosquitos. Poor Nathan’s legs have been feasted on! We’ll have to figure something out about that.

It’s nice to sit out here & relax.

Jonathan had been chilled out and relaxed most of the day, so I was able to actually get a lot done.  A few loads of laundry, washed Jonathan’s cloth diapers (LOVE cloth diapering!) cleaned out some of our cabinets, unpacked some more stuff, washed some dishes, and still managed to breastfeed in between!

So now I am sitting out here relaxing, about to go in and watch a show with my amazing husband. I love our new house!


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