Fall gardening!


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here the past few days. I like fall, and I especially like fall in our new house. Well, I don’t particularly care for keeping our massive deck & patio cleared of all the leaves, but you know what else is great about fall? Transplanting flowers!

See, our house has massive amounts of flower beds. Paul’s parents loved landscaping and when they lived here, they had the place looking amazing with all the lovely flowers and plants. Then they sold the house and moved to a different town, and the bank ended up foreclosing on the property with the next owners that bought it. The house sat vacant for a few years until we got it, so all the beds became overgrown with weeds and even trees. The weeds ended up choking out most of the flowers. We’ve been slowly clearing it out, getting it ready for some landscaping but we didn’t have any flowers yet.

One of the ladies who runs the nursery at church for bible study on Mondays is really into gardening. Every spring and fall, she has to dig up many of her plants and flowers because they tend to proliferate. She said she had a bunch to get rid of and asked if anyone was interested. Of course I said we would love some! So I went over to her house and she dug up a bunch to give us, including Black Eyed Susans, Orange Day Lillies, Green Hostas, Epimediums, Pink Fall Anemones, Ferns, and Minarda Fistulosas. That’s what we’re about to start doing in just a few minutes- planting our flowers!

In the meantime, Nathan is running around the backyard having a blast while John catches some zzz’s in the house. I was able to coerce Nathan into snapping a picture with me.


I love my family!




I love sitting outside on our deck. It’s gorgeous out here, even when it’s dark. You can actually hear what sounds like hundreds of crickets chirping. The sound isn’t dulled by the drone of a busy highway nearby. No loud cars racing past our house at all hours. No obnoxious motorcycles and their head-splitting vrooms.

Our deck/patio is huge- the deck wraps around the back and side of the house. A large portion of the deck is covered by a high vaulted ceiling with windows so you can still see the sky. There are floodlights (I think 14 or so?) with dimmers surrounding the house, so it’s awesome to dim the lights and sit out here and enjoy the night. There’s also a ceiling fan that drops down from the vaulted part of the ceiling- perfect for hot days and for keeping some of the bugs away. My only complaint is the mosquitos. Poor Nathan’s legs have been feasted on! We’ll have to figure something out about that.

It’s nice to sit out here & relax.

Jonathan had been chilled out and relaxed most of the day, so I was able to actually get a lot done.  A few loads of laundry, washed Jonathan’s cloth diapers (LOVE cloth diapering!) cleaned out some of our cabinets, unpacked some more stuff, washed some dishes, and still managed to breastfeed in between!

So now I am sitting out here relaxing, about to go in and watch a show with my amazing husband. I love our new house!


Lost treasures



I can’t find anything. Everything is everywhere… most of my stuff is at the new house, some is at the old house, and I can’t find a blessed thing. Boxes are everywhere and neither Paul nor I can remember what all is in what box.

But! There is a really cool plus to moving. YOU FIND STUFF! Stuff that you didn’t know about or forgot you had or knew you had but forgot where you put it. One of the neat things I’ve found was this little instruction piece regarding making Nathan’s breakfast when he was probably about 7 or 8 months old. That was around the time he was having weight gain issues and his doctor was working with us to fatten him up.

So for his breakfast back then (four years ago… can you believe it??), I would first breastfeed him. The we’d make him some oatmeal, but instead of using water, we’d use infant formula and add some banana baby food for all the extra calories. In fact, I remember when we’d go grocery shopping and get baby food, we’d read the labels and get whatever had the most calories.


I am SO glad we got past that and Nathan is a big, tall, healthy and by no means underweight four-year-old. Hopefully, John won’t have weight gain issues like Nathan did, but at the rate that baby is eating and growing, I doubt that will be an issue!


It’s gone!


Sunburn fire ant hell itch is gone! I woke up yesterday morning and was feeling much better thanks to the hydrocortisone cream I was using. I hope I never experience that again. It was awful. MIND-NUMBINGLY AWFUL.

Well, its time for me to go to sleep. I have this amazingly adorable grunting baby sleeping in his co-sleeper right beside me. Time for me to nibble those chubby little cheeks and turn in for the night. I’ll be up in 2 hours to feed him…

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