Lost treasures


I can’t find anything. Everything is everywhere… most of my stuff is at the new house, some is at the old house, and I can’t find a blessed thing. Boxes are everywhere and neither Paul nor I can remember what all is in what box.

But! There is a really cool plus to moving. YOU FIND STUFF! Stuff that you didn’t know about or forgot you had or knew you had but forgot where you put it. One of the neat things I’ve found was this little instruction piece regarding making Nathan’s breakfast when he was probably about 7 or 8 months old. That was around the time he was having weight gain issues and his doctor was working with us to fatten him up.

So for his breakfast back then (four years ago… can you believe it??), I would first breastfeed him. The we’d make him some oatmeal, but instead of using water, we’d use infant formula and add some banana baby food for all the extra calories. In fact, I remember when we’d go grocery shopping and get baby food, we’d read the labels and get whatever had the most calories.


I am SO glad we got past that and Nathan is a big, tall, healthy and by no means underweight four-year-old. Hopefully, John won’t have weight gain issues like Nathan did, but at the rate that baby is eating and growing, I doubt that will be an issue!


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