A little machine

I cannot believe my baby is two weeks old already.

I’ve been in a daze consisting of getting very little sleep and nursing and changing a trillion diapers. I am not even kidding. In the past two weeks, we’ve gone through so many diapers that I could totally build an igloo out of all the ones we’ve used. Except not really, because who wants to live in a diaper igloo that smells like baby poop and pee?

We have some really awesome cloth diapers, except we can’t use them until John’s bowels kinda regulate somewhat. He’s going through about 15-20 diapers a day right now, and this mama doesn’t have the time or energy to wash that many cloth diapers at the moment. I figure once he’s around 4-6 weeks old or thereabouts, we’ll make the switch then.

This baby has the craziest poop habits. He’ll go a few hours without dirtying a diaper. And then he’ll pee. No problem, right? Simple little pee. Just need to change it. So I’ll get him all changed and stuff and then BAM! He poops in the clean diaper. And so I’ll go through the process of unswaddling him & undressing him, get him changed and redressed and reswaddled and WHAM! Another poop in the clean diaper. I’ll wait a couple minutes and move his legs around to get any more poop out. When nothing happens, I again go through the process of unswaddling him and undressing him. I change the diaper, but this time I don’t get the clean one on fast enough and he showers me with pee. So I’ll finally get a clean diaper on him, turn my head, and yep… he’ll pee again.

He is a peeing and pooping MACHINE.

We’ll go through 6-8 diapers in a row because of this. I’m looking forward to his little bowels getting more regular because it’s rough to spend 30 minute increments just changing one diaper after another. My sweet baby. I plan on reminding him of this when he’s older…


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