Well, my cold finally went away. It only took FOREVER. When Nathan had it (because he pretty much is the first to catch all the illnesses we come down with, then he gives them to me, then I give them to Paul) it only lasted two days. Two! I caught it a couple days later, and then Paul caught it right after I did. Paul was also over it in a couple days. Normally, I’m the same way… but not while pregnant! Oh no. I catch a cold and the cold totally kicks my ass. I’m a snotting, coughing, sneezing mess… and when you’re pregnant, there’s only a few medications you can take so I end up being miserable for the duration of the illness. I mentioned in my last post that a pregnant woman’s immune system is lower than normal. Yeah, that sucks!

Well it sure does make me appreciate being well, I tell ya! So while I was sick, I went to Chattanooga, TN to visit my brother. I was on the very tail-end of the cold, and I’d been planning this trip for awhile… and I wasn’t about to cancel since I’m only getting MORE pregnant and more uncomfortable! And I plan to visit him again after the baby’s born, but since I’ll be breastfeeding, it will be about six month postpartumĀ before I can really leave the baby. And even then, I’ll have to pump every few hours. So this was the only chance I was going to be able to see him for a while.

We had a great time! I spent a weekend with him. He took me to some of his favorite restaurants (and let me tell you, I really enjoyed that food!), sightseeing, his favorite hangouts, and we walked around downtown while he told me about a lot of Chattanooga’s history and different things that are going on around there. We laughed and laughed, and then when we thought we were all laughed out, we then laughed some more. We tend to crack each other up since we have a similar sense of humor. And of course, seeing him laugh makes me laugh and vice versa… soon it becomes a laughing cycle. (Good thing I wasn’t in my third trimester yet- I might have ended up peeing on myself!)

It seemed like time just flew by- we didn’t have time to do everything we wanted to do. I miss my brother so much. We used to spend pretty much every day together, and then he moved a few years ago. I’m super happy for him because he’s really thriving and doing this thing we call Life so well, but I really do miss him. I’m really glad it worked out that I was finally able to go visit him before the baby arrives, and I am already eagerly looking forward to our next visit!

It was freezing up there! But look at how beautiful it is!
It was freezing up there! But look at how beautiful it is!
Me and my brother on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tn
Me and my brother on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tn

In other news, I am Really Pregnant. I’m definitely in the uncomfortable phase right now- my belly prevents me from bending over, I’m peeing a lot, my back aches, my lungs are squished… all the typical pregnancy woes. But still. It’s nothing like it was when I was pregnant with Nathan! That was rough!! I attribute my current well-being to continuing to work out 3-4x a week. TOTALLY WORTH IT!! It feels good to feel semi-human this time around! In retrospect, I can’t believe I did that to myself last time- the whole not working out thing. The difference is incredible. I mean, I don’t feel fabulous by any means, but I don’t feel like death warmed over either. I know things are subject to change in the three months I have left to go, but I don’t plan on discontinuing my workout so I’m sure that will help. Oh how I can’t wait to meet this new little man, and I bet Nathan is going to be a wonderful big brother.

I still can’t believe that soon I will be a mommy to two precious little boys!!


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