A growing little guy

Guess what? Nathan has his two-year well-check the other day! Of course, with all the problems we had with weight gain when he was an infant, I was very eager to see where he was on the growth chart when compared to other kids his age. He’s perfect! He’s in the 75th percentile for height and … are you ready? … the 90th percentile for weight!! And no, he’s not overweight because he’s so tall. I am so proud of my growing little boy!

But. Let me tell you, the office visit was WORSE than the last time I took him when he was sick. Nathan was quite angry and rather indignant that we dared to put him through such an ordeal. And when it was time to be weighed, all hell broke loose. Again. Paul had to stand on the scale with Nathan, and the whole time, Nathan was screaming and had his little toes curled around Paul’s jacket looking quite a bit like a crazy little tree frog.

And then when the doctor came in, Nathan REMEMBERED HIM. And he started crying while frantically attempting to clamor up Paul’s torso. The doctor, trying to alleviate Nathan’s anxiety, chuckled and stepped out of the room. He poked his head in and made silly faces, but Nathan can see straight through any distraction techniques. It hardly ever works with that kid.

So the doctor came into the room and tried other techniques with Nathan… making funny noises, showing Nathan his phone. But it was all to no avail. Nathan was not about to forget about why he was so angry.

“So which one of you was the stubborn child when you were little?” the doctor asked us through Nathan’s brain-piercing screeches as he checked Nathan’s ears.

“We both were,” we replied.

“Oh,” said the doctor. “So Nathan’s got a double-dose of stubbornness in the gene pool. You guys have a long road ahead of you!”

No kidding.

And we’re not even going to talk about how bad it was when they had to prick his little finger. I’m sure you can hear his wails in your head right now as you read this…

But even with Nathan being so darn stubborn, he’s still so sweet and precious. He’s my little Cuddle Bug; he loves nothing more than to curl up with me and give me kisses and hugs. It’s definitely hard raising someone so strong-willed, but Paul and I are the perfect parents for the job. We’re smart, resourceful, and quick to think outside the box.

Besides, the Terrible Two’s don’t last forever!


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