Ahhh Spring, you are missed

Oh you guys, I am SO ready for Spring to get here!! It’s been such a crazy winter this year with seemingly colder temperatures and definitely more snow days than usual. The past couple weeks have spit out a few milder days here and there, a tantalizing taste of what Spring will bring, and now that I have had that taste, I am REALLY getting antsy for some warmer weather! And so is Nathan. He is totally diggin’ running around outside on the days we’ve had some sun. He’s getting to that age where he will enjoy stuff like amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, etc., so this upcoming year will be a lot of fun. Can you believe he’s almost TWO years old?? I can’t. I just can’t!!



  1. Just think of all the fun you guys are going to have when it gets warm!

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