There’s something on your face. Oh wait. That’s SNOT!

My brother and I sometimes have some very interesting text-messaging conversations. The oddest, most random things happen to him, but this guy hardly ever gets embarrassed. He just takes it in stride and tells me about it so I can have a good laugh. This one texting conversation in particular I just had to share, because that’s how we roll, yo. I seriously laughed for days. Days!  You know what would be really awesome? If all this laughter actually did something for me. Besides making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like a pimply, giddy teenager. LIKE HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT.

Bro: I just had snot on my face and a coworker had to tell me.

Me: OMG! OMG! LOL! That sucks! at least they told u tho! Were they embarrassed?

Bro: No they werent. Someone said u have something on ur face and i just looked away. Then another girl started laughing. I said “seriously?” then she said yes it looks like snot!

Me: LOL oh man. I’ve never, ever had that happen. Snot is way worse than just a booger. Even a big booger. The word “snot” itself is just gross. LOL! Was it a lot?

Bro: Nah it wasn’t too much. When i wiped it off it gelled up in my hand.

Me: Well that’s good. Not the gelling part. that’s gross. But at least it wasnt a big shiny glob. Was it on your cheek? I still can’t believe that happened. SNOT! lol!

Bro: It was mostly on my beard. Prolly why i couldn’t feel it.

Me: I don’t know y but i can’t stop laughing about it!

Bro: I just wiped it off my face onto my hand. Then from my hand i looked at it while they were laughing and wiped it on the ankle area of my pants.

Me: LOL THATS JUST SO FUNNY! I really can’t stop laughing!


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