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Nathan loves his uncle!


My brother was in town a couple of weeks ago! It’s always so nice to see him. I miss him terribly and he is definitely one of my “bestest” friends. Whenever he comes to Knoxville, which is about 3-4 times a year, he always makes time to see me and we’ll usually meet in Knoxville and hang out. This last time, we ate some sushi (first time eating it together!), checked out some stuff at the mall, ate ice cream, and walked around a bookstore. Might not sound like much, but the whole time we’re together, we’re acting goofy and laughing like lunatics. In fact, we invariably get into laughing fits… he’ll start laughing at something, which makes me laugh, which makes him laugh harder, which then makes me delirious with laughter- can you see where this is going? We’ve both started drooling from laughing so hard! It’s always so awesome to spend time with him.


And oh yeah, I got my hair cut! I felt like I really needed to change it up after having a baby, so I got it all cut off and I LOVE it. I’ll probably keep it short for a while and then I’ll grow it back out again at some point.

So anyway, my brother really wanted to get Nathan something special while he was here, so he decided on a Build a Bear. Have you ever heard of Build a Bear? Well, it’s this neat little store where you can build your own bear (or any of the stuffed animals they offer) by picking an animal, stuffing it, and even adding accessories. He picked out the neatest, softest bear he saw and then had a recording put in the paw where every time Nathan pressed it, he would hear “Hi, Nathan! Uncle Paul loves you!” All their bears come with a heart, and you’re supposed to hold it between both hands, make a wish, and kiss it before they put it inside the bear and stuff it. Let me tell you, it was priceless watching my brother do that. He’s such an awesome uncle.

My brother named the bear Benny, and Benny even has his own birth certificate and birthdate. So then when we got back to my house, my brother presented the bear to Nathan, and he loved it! Nathan LOVED the recording my brother made, and pressed that paw so many times that the battery died within a week! Seriously. Nathan sleeps with the bear at night. All would be quiet, and then I’d hear the recording of my brother’s voice over and over again before Nathan drifted off to sleep. I’m glad it was my brother’s voice and not some pre-recorded mechanical voice. THAT would have driven me nuts.

I bring Benny with me when it’s time to pick Nathan up from school. The very first thing Nathan asks for is Benny. And then he’d press that paw over and over again the whole ride home. When I warned him the battery would die, he then gave it about five seconds between every push of the bear’s paw.

One day I walked into the kitchen to discover Benny sitting at the table with a “meal” made just for him from Nathan’s kitchen. Gosh I love that kid!



A case of the giggles


Sometimes I laugh at the most inappropriate times. Sometimes I find things funny that would make other people think I am insane. I like to laugh, and I am a very visual person, so when I see something funny or abnormal, I can’t help myself. I laugh. It drives my husband crazy.

My brother is the same way.

And for a long time, I thought we were the only ones who could find humor in just about anything. Until I read this post written by Suzicate. I feel better knowing that there ARE OTHERS OUT THERE LIKE ME! (You see, guys? I’m not crazy after all! Now, if I could just get the voices to quit speaking in Korean…)

So this past weekend, my brother (whose name is also Paul, by the way) and I saw the movie Case 39 (which, by the way, wasn’t the best movie we have ever seen. Not the worst, but not the best, either) and I had a bottle of cherry Coke to sip on. As the movie was playing, I enjoyed sipping on my Coke until it was nearly empty. I remember watching movies in the past and noticing as people in front of me finished their Cokes (yes Cokes, plural. Because in the south, ALL soft drinks are called Cokes), they tilted their heads back and raised their plastic bottles into the air. Well, since I have the attention span of a gnat and get distracted easily, I always notice when people raise their bottles to empty them. So as I was finishing my cherry Coke, out of consideration of those behind me I slouched in my seat, ducked my head into my shoulders, and turned my head slightly to the left. Then I craned my neck, raised the bottle to my lips, and discreetly drank what was left without ever tilting my head back.

And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the glint of my brother’s pearly white corneas as they reflected images from the movie. I slowly turned to look at him. He was staring at me, his mouth hung open in unabashed amusement. 

“What’s so funny?” I whispered sharply.

“You should have seen what you just looked like.” he responded. “How’d you get your neck to bend like that?” Immediately, I visualized my neck looking not at all unlike Gumby’s after a round with a two-year-old, and then that uncontrollable urge to laugh in places I shouldn’t be laughing hit me like a ton of bricks. You know. The urge to laugh in places like libraries. Or funerals. Or during church services.

And I started laughing on the inside. But it soon became difficult to contain that laugh. Before long, my chest was heaving with silent laughter as I forced myself to keep it quiet. But then as I was laughing, I started BURPING. From the carbonation in my Coke. Yeah. Have you ever heard someone laugh and burp simultaneously? It’s funny, like listening to a toad trying to squeal.

Watching me as I silently laughed and burped these little bursts of burps was too much for Paul, and he soon had a case of the silent giggles as well. He struggled to suppress his laughter but every now and then as he breathed in, his breath would hitch, causing him to SQUEAK!

And every time we looked at each other, it became even harder to control ourselves. We were having a Giggle Fit. A pure, unstoppable Giggle Fit. And the more we tried not to laugh, the harder it was to keep quiet! It got to the point that we were silently laughing so hard that when we tried to take a breath, we would gasp. Loudly!

We both had tears streaming down our faces. AND, the effort it took to keep my laughter quiet caused me to sweat profusely. To the point that not only were my eyes watery, but droplets of sweat were dripping down my temples. I imagined that my forehead was so shiny with sweat that you could watch the reflection of the movie in it!

All of this occurred during a rather morbid part of the movie, when one of the characters was talking about the death of her mother. Talk about an inappropriate time to laugh!

Fortunately, we weren’t loud enough to be disruptive. If anyone had been bothered, they would have thrown their popcorn on us, as is STANDARD around here. Fortunately, the theater was sparsely filled, so there was no one sitting nearby. Next time I go see a movie, though, I won’t be drinking anything with carbonation!


There’s something on your face. Oh wait. That’s SNOT!


My brother and I sometimes have some very interesting text-messaging conversations. The oddest, most random things happen to him, but this guy hardly ever gets embarrassed. He just takes it in stride and tells me about it so I can have a good laugh. This one texting conversation in particular I just had to share, because that’s how we roll, yo. I seriously laughed for days. Days!  You know what would be really awesome? If all this laughter actually did something for me. Besides making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like a pimply, giddy teenager. LIKE HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT.

Bro: I just had snot on my face and a coworker had to tell me.

Me: OMG! OMG! LOL! That sucks! at least they told u tho! Were they embarrassed?

Bro: No they werent. Someone said u have something on ur face and i just looked away. Then another girl started laughing. I said “seriously?” then she said yes it looks like snot!

Me: LOL oh man. I’ve never, ever had that happen. Snot is way worse than just a booger. Even a big booger. The word “snot” itself is just gross. LOL! Was it a lot?

Bro: Nah it wasn’t too much. When i wiped it off it gelled up in my hand.

Me: Well that’s good. Not the gelling part. that’s gross. But at least it wasnt a big shiny glob. Was it on your cheek? I still can’t believe that happened. SNOT! lol!

Bro: It was mostly on my beard. Prolly why i couldn’t feel it.

Me: I don’t know y but i can’t stop laughing about it!

Bro: I just wiped it off my face onto my hand. Then from my hand i looked at it while they were laughing and wiped it on the ankle area of my pants.

Me: LOL THATS JUST SO FUNNY! I really can’t stop laughing!

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