Chewer of all things unchewable

So the other day, I was watching Nathan toddle around when I noticed he was chewing on something (You know he likes to chew on anything weird, and he chews on it slowly and subtly so that I won’t notice). Well, I opened his mouth, but he had tucked it in between the side of his cheek and his gum. After some searching, I finally pulled out his bounty… A PIECE OF WOOD. It was a thin sliver that was probably about an inch long, but he had been chewing on it for so long that it was actually soggy and pliable.

Of course, the first thing I thought about was what if he had swallowed it before chewing on it long enough to make it soft? 

The second thing? Where did he find it?

Sometimes I catch myself wishing I could put him in a bubble to keep him safe. And then I realize that he would just CHEW HIS WAY OUT.



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