Inquisitive Chompers

So the other day, I talked about Nathan and his mobility.

I like that he’s getting himself around now, but at the same time, his mobility has presented me with new stressors. I constantly have to keep an eye on him because he gets into anything and everything. I just say, “Not for Nathan” and will redirect him to another toy or activity. But sometimes, he evades my watchful eye.

Once, I looked down, and he had somehow managed to find a GIANT, MAN-EATING BALL OF LINT AND HAIR. My hair. And the cats’ hair. And my hair is long, so this giant lint-ball had wisps of long hair floating out from it along with stiff strands of cat fur poking out from every angle.

And Nathan had it IN HIS MOUTH.

I’m still not sure where he found it… I vacuum every day so it most certainly wasn’t off the floor. I think he may have dug his little fingers into one of the creases in the recliner and pulled this disgusting anomaly from the dark depths of Recliner Abyss.

You know, the place where you find crumbs from the pizza you had that one day. Or fingernail clippings. Or any other gross thing you can think of that you DON’T want in your baby’s inquisitive taster.

Ugh. Just the thought of that gross wad of slobber, lint, hair, and fur gives me the shivers.

How do babies do it? They find it all. Everything. I can get on my hands and knees and comb through the entire house and Nathan will still find THE ONE THING that I managed to miss and chomp on it.

Nathan and his inquisitive chompers are constantly on the prowl, seeming to look for the most grossified stuff to chew on.

But what really gets me is that it doesn’t even phase Nathan. It doesn’t seem to bother him when there are STRANDS MOMMY’S HAIR IN HIS MOUTH. Have you ever had a strand of hair get into your mouth? I have, and it drives me crazy every time!

An aversion to hair in your mouth must be a learned behavior. Oh, I cannot wait until Nathan learns NOT to like it!


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