So I’m pretty sure it really IS possible for a human to melt.

Like the wicked witch off the Wizard of Oz, only without the pointy hat and the whole being-a-witch thing. I’m melting! Melting! (If you click on the link, fast forward to about 3 minutes and 15 seconds to see the melting scene. Because who wouldn’t want to see a witch melt?)

I know, I know. I’ve been whining and grousing about the heat lately, but you guys! Our air conditioner quit working yesterday evening.

As in, dead. Bereft of life. Pushing up daisies. Defunct.

Our air conditioner went to meet it’s maker. Probably the devil himself, considering the shoddy job it did cooling our house as it was. But still… it kept it cooler than it is right now.  And believe it or not, we can’t just go out and grab another one because the only ones the stores nearby have in stock are crappy, cheap little air conditioners that would be a waste of money and wouldn’t cool our house. We have to ORDER it and have it SHIPPED. Which takes days. DAYS. I’ll probably be roasted by then. Completely cooked.

Just give me a pitch fork and a pointed tail and I’ll fit right into my environment.

Yes, I know. People in Australia and other parts of the world would totally scoff at me right about now. But I admit it, I am a TOTAL WUSS when it comes to uncomfortable heat. I guess you could say I am addicted to air conditioning. So keep your collective fingers crossed for us. Here’s to hoping we can get some relief and SOON!