Can I have some cheese with my whine?

So supposedly, the temperature around here is supposed to be in the mid to upper ’80’s for the next few days. I hope so. I really, really hope so. I know, I’m totally kvetching over here, but guys! I’m miserable! Don’t get me wrong- I can handle the heat. In fact, I relish relaxing in a nice, hot sauna because that’s how us Finnish folks roll. It’s in my blood.

In fact, my dad (who is Finnish) introduced me to the sauna when I was only 5 or 6 years old. At the time, he was active duty (Army) and I would sometimes accompany him to his PT. The base had a sauna, so after his workout, we would go relax in it. And even though I was just a child, I thought it was so freakin’ awesome. (And, of course, my dad always peeked in first to make sure no naked men were lounging inside. Fortunately, there never was!) But this humidity that we’ve been experiencing? It’s not the soothing heat of a sauna, for sure. It’s killing me. If it was possible to get a restraining order on this humidity, I WOULD TOTALLY DO IT. The air outside is all moist and damp and sweaty and smelly and not at all unlike BEING TRAPPED IN THE DEVIL’S ARMPIT after he’s been doing cartwheels in hell.

I am to the point that daydreaming of being an ice cube is causing me to feel delirious.



  1. We finally got a day in the 80’s, too. It is a welcome relief after this horribly hot weather we’ve been having!
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