Exersaucer, I will miss you


This is probably one of the last times I’ll have Nathan in his exersaucer, which is yet another bittersweet time for me. He’s been playing in it since he was about five months old, and it has been like a life savor so many times. Whenever Nathan was grumpy, the exersaucer would cheer him up. Whenever I needed a shower, I could just plop him into the exersaucer and he would be content. He loved spinning around in the seat, exploring all the toys, and studying all the colors and textures. But now? Now, my little boy is growing up and is almost too big for it anymore. He can still enjoy it for a bit longer, but he’s starting to get too tall for it.

I can’t believe I got attached to it myself. There are so many memories… I look at it, and I think of all the times Nathan played in it. I remember him being so little that even when the exersaucer was on the shortest setting, his toes barely touched the ground. At first, I could only have him in the exersaucer when I was sitting right beside him because he would just flop forward and backward. But it gave him great exercise, and he was soon strong enough to play without me hovering.

Ah, it’s always a bit sad when your child finally outgrows something that he used for so long!


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  1. That’s a big milestone…for both of you!

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