More Snow Fun

Remember how we had a “big” snow here in Tennessee on Saturday? (The word big is in quotes because our 5-6 inches of snow we got here is nothing compared to what those of you who live up north deal with every winter. But here in the south, 5-6 inches is something that happens quite rarely.) Well, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Even though the snow started to melt the next day, Sunday, we had to go sledding just one more time.

Because who knows? It could be another ZILLION YEARS before we get that much accumulation again.

So here’s some more pictures for you all to enjoy. This time, I actually sledded with Nathan. When we went sledding on Saturday, I was too scared to have him with me. I had images of the both of us careening off our ramp, flying through the air, and getting STUCK WITH THORNBUSHES.

So Paul’s the one that took Nathan down the hill on Saturday.

But Sunday was a new beginning, and I had done some deep-breathing exercises and was feeling confident enough to take my precious cargo on the sled with me.

I am so glad I did.

We were fine. We didn’t go flying through the air or land in any trees. We didn’t fall off and break our necks or decapitate ourselves. No face-plants or terrified shrieks.

I’m pretty sure Nathan liked it.

Next, it was Paul’s turn to sled with Nathan.

All in all, Nathan had more fun the second day than he did the first day, even though he had to wear a few pairs of socks on his hands since we didn’t have mittens. I think the first day, he was a little overwhelmed with being cold and the blinding whiteness that was everywhere.

He was a good sport about it all, though, and dealt with his mommy and daddy’s child-like excitement like a champ. And now we have these wonderful memories.


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