Trying to show Mr. Seahorse how to play with the laptop

Remember how for Christmas, one of the toys Nathan got was a baby laptop? Well, he’s been playing with that laptop every single day since he opened it. He loves banging on the buttons and slowly opening and closing the lid then attempting to consume the entire thing in one piece… along with trying to “teach” his other friends (ahem… Mr. Seahorse and his Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal) how to play with the laptop.

Well, at first, he was actually more interested in the box the baby laptop came in than the toy itself. It took a bit of coaxing to get him to play with it… but once he started playing with it and figuring out what buttons do what, he’s hardly put the thing down.

He’ll entertain himself with it for a while… sometimes for an hour or two. I’ll put him in the floor, scatter his favorite toys around the room so that he has lots of opportunity for exercise, and let him move around the room, playing with his toys and exploring his environment as he crawls backwards.

Yes, I said he crawls backwards.

And he also likes to roll around and around to get from point A to B. He also does the army crawl and will even get up on his arms and legs and rock back and forth a few times before laying back onto his belly and gazing around the room, as alert as an otter peeking out of a river.

The more mobile he becomes, the more he gets into. And he’s getting quick, too. I didn’t know that rolling around all over the place could possibly get you from point A to point B faster than the speed of light, but it does.

Seriously. The kid is fast. I can only imagine how fast he’ll be once he starts running around…