One Hundred Days

When I first started this blog, I set a goal for myself. Because that’s the type of person I am… I like a challenge and am constantly setting goals specifically to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I could write for 100 or more consecutive days. Well, guess what? I have met that goal and even continued to write for more than 100 consecutive days!

Yes, I am patting myself on the back. With a huge, goofy grin plastered on my face.

And I’m going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream (and not the low-fat kind), drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup because I deserve some high-calorie goodness!

This blog started out as a record of Nathan as he grows up. Paul and I now have something we can read to reminisce about the good times, the not so good times, the sleepless times, and the mega-poop-filled times. Then, a couple weeks ago or so, we put some ads up to help offset the cost of keeping this site up and running. Any additional money earned from you guys clicking on the ads will be used for Nathan’s college tuition because Paul and I feel strongly about him getting an education. And I now have an outlet, a way for me to relieve stress and anxiety. I have something that I really enjoy doing… writing.

Since I have met my goal of writing for at least 100 consecutive days, I’m now going to take a deep breath, relax, and write a little less often. Don’t worry, I’ll still write often enough so that you don’t go into Nathan Withdrawals, but don’t be surprised when I take a day off here and there.

Thanks for reading, my friends, and I hope you continue to stay with me as Nathan grows from infanthood to toddlerdom, as my once-thick hair gets thinner with each handful that Nathan surreptitiously yanks out (yes, I keep believing his loving strokes of my hair will end in baby kisses rather than painful bald spots), and as Paul and I figure out how to be good parents.

Thanks for being there though it all, everyone!



  1. Congrats to you! I enjoy reading your blog a lot. :Enjoy that deep breath
    .-=´s last blog ..Homemade? Store Bought? Or Not. =-.

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