An Unexpected Gift

Patiently letting Mommy sleep
Patiently letting Mommy sleep

Nathan woke up earlier than usual today… 6:15 am. By the time I changed his diaper and fed him, it was after 7. I was bleary-eyed and staggering around the room, intoxicated with the lack of sleep. I decided to attempt to put Nathan back to bed so I could hopefully snatch a few more precious minutes of sleep… if he’d let me. Nathan will only sleep in his swing at night, so I took him into our room and tucked him in. I eagerly crawled  back into bed, gradually falling asleep to the sound of Nathan cooing in the background. An hour and a half later, his noises escalated in volume, signalling it was time to get up.

“Honey, how long has he been awake?” I asked my husband, since he was up shortly after I put Nathan down, getting ready for work.

“He’s been wide awake the whole time,” he replied. I couldn’t believe he actually sat there and let me sleep. I doubt he was consciously letting me sleep, but it was a nice little gift. What a great kid!


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