Smiling at Camera

Yesterday was the first day in over 100 days that I took a break from writing in my blog. I have to admit, it was nice.

Well, maybe not as nice as a  big bowl of deliciously fattening chocolate ice cream, but pretty damn close.

Even though it felt good to finally allow myself to take a break, I still felt weird not writing. I walked around most of the day feeling like I was only wearing one sock, or like I hadn’t brushed my teeth, or like I only put mascara on one eye. (Yes I have done that before, put mascara on only one eye. AND WENT OUT IN PUBLIC.) You know the feeling. That nagging sensation that you’ve forgotten to do something, only you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is you forgot to do.

And I didn’t forget to blog. I just chose to take a break. But all day long, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had forgotten something.

In other news, Paul and I will be celebrating our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY this weekend! A whole year! Together! With a baby! And poop, lots and lots of baby poop! We have survived!


I feel like standing on the rooftop with a loudspeaker and shouting, “HEY FOLKS! WE SURVIVED OUR FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE… WITH A POOPING BABY!”  Because to me, that’s a pretty big deal. We are still married and couldn’t be any happier, even though we always catch ourselves discussing Nathan’s bowel habits on a daily basis.

You know you married your soul-mate when you can talk about baby poop and still find your partner overwhelmingly attractive.

So for our anniversary, Paul’s mom said she’d watch Nathan for us while we go on a date. We’re really, really excited to have some Us Time. Of course, we love Nathan more than life itself, but after a while, we start craving that elusive Us Time like there’s no tomorrow. So Saturday, we’re dropping the little guy off at Grandma’s house and we’re going out to celebrate our wonderful first year of marriage.

We will not, however, be discussing Nathan’s bowel habits.

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