Sometimes when you have pets, they start thinking they’re human after a while.

And, embarrassingly enough, sometimes you treat them as if they were human.

Sometimes, when you are on the brink of losing your sanity due to lack of adult conversation for the duration of the day, you play pranks on them. Because you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than talk baby-talk with you baby, clean the house, and play pranks on your pets.

So anyways, the other day, Kayli and Andrew were snuggled contentedly against each other, basking in each other’s fuzzy body heat. Under the curious gaze of Turbo (not pictured) and his tail (pictured.)


Of course, when I see animals who are peacefully sleeping in such a comfortable position, I JUST CAN’T HELP IT. 

I have to do SOMETHING.

So I sneak up as quietly as my creaking bones will allow.

Kayli opens her eyes slightly. Andrew stretches and rolls contentedly onto his back and grunts with warm satisfaction. Grunts, I tell you!

Rolling over

So, with a mischievous smile, I bend over to poke Andrew’s exposed belly. Because that’s what I do when a cat is sleeping peacefully on his back with his belly exposed. I POKE THEM.

I bend over.

And my body starts popping. Just like it does when I’m trying to sneak into Nathan’s room to check on him while he’s napping.

I try to engage in The Stance (mentioned here) but to no avail.

The cats instantly wake up. They see my outstretched finger poised in midair. And, I swear, they laugh at me. LAUGHED AT ME! With creepy glowing eyes!


Ok, maybe they weren’t really laughing at my impending old age. Or my creaking bones. Maybe they were just yawning. But still. It looks eerily similar to malevolent laughter to me.

Like they just envisioned poking me in my sleep