Kayli the Sausage Link


Nicknames: Sausage Link, Kayli the Killer

Of all four of our cats, Kayli is the strangest.

Physically, she’s big and round and has the body of a sausage link with little bitty scrawny legs. She didn’t used to look like a sausage link…. her weight gain has been within the last couple of years. Before I met Paul, I used to regulate the food she and Andrew consumed. Then when Paul and I got married, we free-fed all of our cats.

My two cats got fatter. LIKE BLIMPS.

We started regulating their food intake again, but neither of them have lost the weight. Lazy bastards.

Kayli never really runs… she skitters, her legs moving with lightening speed but her body is barely able to keep up. The sight of a cat with running legs and a slow body is hilarious. Like Meeper, Kayli is afraid of everything. If you breathe too loud, she runs and hides. If you move to quickly, she runs and hides.

If you run and hide, she’ll run and hide, too.

Her most puzzling trait must be if you walk towards her too fast, she’ll run away…. towards you. Besides Meeper, I have never encountered another cat who runs towards you when frightened. Kayli spends most of her time out of sight hiding or giving Turbo the Evil Eye. Turbo, however, can be somewhat of a bully so he antagonizes her when he thinks we aren’t looking. I’ve spent years showering her with love, affection, and attention trying to coax her out of her shell. When she’s comfortable, she’s such a sweet, loving cat to be around.



  1. Don’t you just love the unique personalities cats have? Love the pictures, too!
    .-= Jane´s last blog .. =-.

  2. @Jane
    Cats are great creatures… I’ve always been very fond of them, even as a small child. Ours provide us with hours of entertainment!

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