Little Monkey Feet

Nathan has been endearingly nicknamed Mr. Monkey Feet. I’ve talked about it here, where I described his discovery of his legs and feet and how he loves to attempt to eat himself. I love watching him play… he kicks his little legs and feet all over the place. He must love the sensitivity his feet have because he just HAS to touch everything with them… his toys, his face, the speckles of dust in the air…  he even attempts to pick things up with his toes.

Once he intertwined his toes in such a way that they got stuck.

He strained to pull them apart.

They finally came apart with such force that it scared him.

He drew his feet up to his face, suspiciously eying them like he was wondering how his own feet could dare to betray him like that.

He even strains to touch my face with his inquisitive little toes when I’m breastfeeding him. Which, by the way, is getting harder and harder. His arms flap around in one direction and his feet are constantly seeking something to contact. It’s like he has four antennae constantly waving around, feeling his surroundings.

It can be quite annoying.

But breastfeeding dilemmas aside, it’s really amusing watching him play because he’ll lay on his back and will pass objects from hand to foot… and sometimes he’ll just rest his hands and let his feet do all the playing.

He’s my Mr. Monkey Feet.

Playing with his feet