Cannibalization of Thyself

Playing with his feet

There has been a new discovery around here. Nathan has discovered he has not one arm, not two, not even three… but four arms: his legs. He uses his legs and feet in conjunction with his hands for everything. He uses these newfound arms to assist him in everything from playing with the ball on his playgym to rubbing my face when I get too close. He’s like a human monkey… always using his feet to help him with daily activities.

Using his feet

He has also begun to self cannibalize. He heartily attempts to consume his own flesh by gnawing incessantly on these new arms. I keep telling him it’s not wise to eat yourself, but he doesn’t listen. He just laughs merrily and continues consuming his fleshy dinner, leaving trails of slobber in his wake.

About to cannibalize his foot

My little guy is quite entertaining- there is never a dull moment with him around. He keeps me smiling, laughing, and wondering if perhaps I should start self-cannibalizing as well…


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