We had a marvelous day, chowing down on delicious, and I do mean DELICIOUS food and taking a million pictures of Nathan on his very first Thanksgiving at Paul’s grandmother’s house (Nathan’s great-grandmother.)

I even gave him a bite of banana pudding.

He loved it. He moved it slowly around in his mouth, chewing the soft graham-cracker pieces and making delightful “Mmmmmm” noises.

After we ate, I sat with Nathan on the couch and took this video:


I think he wanted to tell me just how delicious that banana pudding tasted. It was good a taste of heaven.

All in all, Nathan had a wonderful day, even though he didn’t take his nap. Not only did he really enjoy that bite of banana pudding, but he even thrilled himself by running his hands along the couch’s upholstery, feeling the texture. But when his exhaustion with all the excitement started getting to him, all I had to do was whip out the camera.


He really loves having his picture/video taken. He’ll even cry when I put the camera away. So to keep him pacified, I alternated between taking his picture and recording videos.

Hey, whatever works, right?