Oh, Delicious Applesauce!

Paul and I decided Nathan’s first solid food would be applesauce. We had to delay giving him solids until his little intestinal tract and tummy had healed from the allergic reaction he had to the cow’s milk protein in the formula he was on. All is well now, and so we gave Nathan his first taste of “people food.”

watching the spoon

He wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. He curiously watched a purple spoon coming towards him with a heap of something creamy. I opened my mouth wide in the hopes that he would mimic me. He did, so I zoomed the applesauce-laden spoon into his awaiting mouth. His initial reaction was shock, like  what did she just feed me?  Then his expression looked pained, like I don’t think I like this idea one bit. Why must I eat this? WHY?

not so sure about it

He spit most of his first few mouthfuls back out. It mostly dribbled down his chin, falling nicely onto the bib. Yeah, I know… enjoy this while I can because sooner or later, food won’t be dribbling nicely down his chin. It’s going to be in his hair, on the walls, in my hair…  Believe me, I am savoring this time while I can before all the mayhem ensues. So then, after a few more bites, he decided this new non-milk substance wasn’t so bad after all.

he likes it!

He heartily scarfed some more down, looking pensive and more like a taster at a wine gallery than a baby eating applesauce. His brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed into the distance, thinking about something clever I’m sure, while slowly turning the applesauce in his mouth. It was almost as if he was deconstructing it… Ok, so this isn’t my milk, but it tastes like something I know. What is this taste? Then he started opening his mouth wide while flapping his hands in the air, making  bleating sounds to let me know he definitely liked this new non-milk substance. He heartily consumed more of his applesauce.

full and content

When he was done, he gave us a huge smile while a content look poured from his eyes. He sighed dreamily and appeared to contemplate this new experience. We’re hoping he will have a diverse pallet and will enjoy the many new foods coming his way.



  1. What a wonderful way to illustrate your child’s first bite of “big people food!” The photos are absolutely adorable!
    .-= Jane´s last blog .. =-.

  2. @Jane
    Thank you! It was too funny not to share. The looks that kid comes up with are hilarious!

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