Issues With Formula

I love when he laughs
I love when he laughs

Because Nathan was having issues with slow weight gain, we had to start supplementing. We use mostly expressed breast milk, but there are times when we need to use formula when we’re out of my expressed milk.

The first formula we tried was given to us in the hospital, but it upset his tummy and gave him ferocious gas. Next, we tried Enfamil Lipil, which was great because he seemed to tolerate it better, except it also gave him gas. We then switched him to Similac Advance with Early Shield and things were going well until he started passing blood in his stool.

We rushed to the pediatrician’s office, and he determined that Nathan had developed an allergy to the cow’s milk protein found in formulas (not just Similac, but all the formulas we had used thus far) and recommended we start supplementing with a hypoallergenic formula. Nathan refused to eat it, probably due to its bitter taste. We switched yet again to Similac Isomil Advance Soy Formula.

So far, so good. Nathan’s diapers appear to be blood free. He’s had very little gas off of the soy formula… the only drawback I can see after a week and a half of using it is that it’s odoriferous and makes his poop smell funny.

But I can deal with noxious poop any day.

I cannot deal with blood coming from places that shouldn’t be bleeding.

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy, and if that means dealing with funkified poop, then that’s what it takes.


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