You know how sometimes you can look at a baby and see certain characteristics of his/her mom or dad? That’s how Nathan is with certain looks and expressions. From some angles, his expressions remind me of myself when I was a baby. More often than not, however, his expressions remind me of Paul.

Not too long ago, Paul’s mom and I were thumbing through some old photographs of my husband when he was a baby. In some pictures, they looked just alike. Paul’s mom also gave me a picture of my husband when he was almost two years old that she had made into a type of tapestry. When I saw it, I couldn’t believe how eerily similar the two look.


Below is a picture of Nathan that I think remarkably resembles the above picture of Paul…


So, is it just me, or do they not look alike? Because I think the resemblance in these two pictures is extraordinary! To me, it looks as if Paul has been cloned…

Be afraid. Be very afraid.