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Front Yard

We live in a cozy and quaint house that’s been in my husband’s family for generations. His great-great-grandparents built and lived in the house, and albeit tiny with virtually no storage space, it’s homey and perfect for our family.  We live nestled in a mountain, surrounded by imposing rock cliffs and towering trees. Our property is split in half by a road. The land on the other side of the road is dotted with trees and has a creek running lazily at the edge of the property line where we have a garden and ample room for kids to play and move about. The land on the side of the road that the house is on is much smaller with very little room for a child to play. In the picture above, our house is on the left side of the picture behind the hedges. As you can see, our front yard is practically nonexistent.

I hate that the road splits our property. We live in a rural area on a winding, narrow road in between two blind curves. People fly down the road, racing past our house with tires whirring, throwing their litter in our yard and occasionally even wrecking in our yard from driving too fast around the blind curves. I do not particularly care for the mindset of people who think it’s okay to throw their trash in our yard, or anywhere besides a trashcan for that matter. I think it’s disgusting, rude, offensive, and shows complete and total lack of intelligence. Why not just hold onto the trash until you find a trash can? Some people simply don’t care and have no respect for anything; themselves, the earth or other people’s front yards.

On our to do list: install a fence. Not just any fence. More like a three-foot wide wall made of pure titanium. With a moat. That way, instead of crashing into our yard, they’ll crash into the moat, leaving us all safe and sound.

Ah, don’t we all wish we could keep our kids in a perfectly safe bubble?

One of our flower beds


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