A Kiss to Brighten the Day


No matter how gloomy the day may be with overcast skies, passing thunderstorms, or an impending apocalypse flirting with the horizon, a kiss from your child is all you need to brighten your day.

I love Nathan’s kisses.

Love them. 

These kisses, however, are not the kisses that we typically think of; a quick peck with puckered lips. No, these kisses are giant, slobbery, and invariably leave a STICKY FEELING on my cheek/chin/forehead/nose. But I still love them. Nathan and I will take turns. I’ll kiss his rosy, chubby cheeks and then I’ll say, “Ok, give Mommy kisses!” And he’ll put a tiny hand on each side of my face, plant an open mouth on my cheek, and lick me, usually while humming happily, face scrunched into a giant grin, and followed by a impish giggle.

When he adorns me with one of these kisses, I can feel the drool dripping out of his mouth, slowly dribbling down the side of my face, leaving a slimy path of ownership. I fight the urge to wipe it off. My little guy is sensitive, and the last time I wiped off his drool, his face crumpled and he started bawling. Perhaps he misperceives such an action as me not liking his kisses, so I just deal with the sticky feeling of drying drool even though every atom in my body is screaming to wipe it off… I simply can’t bring myself to do it, not even nonchalantly.

OCD, you have hereby been defeated by an infant. Keep those kisses coming!


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