25 Random Facts About Me

Something was really funny

 1. I have a morbidly vivid imagination, which works quite well for me in my field of work (graphic design.)

2. When I’m anxious, I bite my fingernails and leave pieces laying around for my husband to see, just so he knows how stressed out I am.

3. I randomly broke my foot over a decade ago while walking to the bus-stop one day while I was in high school. And old lady with white, beehive hair almost ran over me with her giant blue Buick, so I dodged my imminent death by jumping into a ditch, breaking my foot in the process. It is the only bone I have ever broken.

4. I was a smoker for 12 years. I kicked the habit cold-turkey July 1, 2008, and I will never smoke another cigarette. I had a serious love/hate relationship with cigarettes. Quitting was quite easily the hardest thing I have ever done.

5. I use my son as an excuse when I’m caught talking to myself.

6. I love animals and am especially fond of cats. We have four fur babies who are like humans. However, I am severely allergic to my cats so I have to dust and vacuum all the time.

7. Speaking of which, my record amount of sneezes due to cat-allergies is 17 in a row.

8. I am terrified of bees. I know I can crush them with my mighty strength and awesome mind power, but their stingers pack a sting of terror.

9. I’ve only been stung once in my entire life, when I was 7. Ever since then, I run for my life (literally) and always manage to thwart their evil plans to kill me. People say, “Don’t run, they’ll sting you!” Well, it’s been working for 21 years… I opt to continue looking like a deranged fool over going to the hospital any day.

10. I hear voices and see dead people.

11. Ok, I don’t really hear voices and see dead people, I just wanted you to be scared of me.

12. I am very easily entertained.

13. I recently reorganized the entire house from top to bottom, and now I can’t remember where I put everything. My husband is quite irritated that I misplaced most of his stuff. I can conveniently remember where most of my things are.

14. My husband loves me despite my compulsive need to rearrange things.

15. I am very, very anal about keeping the bathroom clean. Water spots on the sink have been banished. Along with any specks of spittle that tend to magically appear on the mirror. And my husband’s whiskers.

16. I have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

17. My favorite color is pink.

18. Sometimes I laugh when someone falls down. But only if it looks really, really funny. I’m not THAT evil.

19. I really hate when people stare. REALLLLLLY hate it. It makes my butt twitch.

20. I like to make people think my butt twitches.

21. I’ve learned no one can ever out-fart a pregnant woman, EVER.

22. I like really cute and unique socks, and I never care if they actually match my outfit, as long as they match each other. I am especially fond of the ones with toes. (My feet stay cold.)

23. Try as I might, I can’t cook. I think I am cooking-disabled. Thank goodness I married someone who cooks like a champ!

24. My grandfather on my dad’s side is 100% Finnish. I like my heritage… the only drawback is that it is impossible for me to tan. I burn, peel, and freckle, so I just stay out of the sun.

25. I’ve learned over the years not to take things for granted, even the talking chipmunks.


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