Grumpified Grumpy Grump

I attempted in vain to lay Nathan down for his nap… he’s not having it, however. He has been rubbing his bleary, sleepy little eyes since he woke up this morning, protesting everything that I did with squirming and grunts of dissatisfaction.

However, he started out in a great mood this morning with a huge grin and scissor legs. We spent some time “talking” to each other for which I was rewarded with ton of happy, wet kisses. After feeding him, I put him in his exersaucer to play and that’s when he sprouted red horns.

He did not want his exersaucer. 

He rubbed his little eyes, looking at me imploringly through his tears. I picked him up and cuddled him, but that didn’t help. I was doomed. I made a mistake by putting him in the exersaucer, unaware that was not what my little dictator wanted to do. I couldn’t console him, so Paul played with him for a while. Then they sat together and watched Blue’s Clues, but that didn’t even make a difference. Nathan wanted to be a Grumpified Grumpy Grump and had absolutely no intentions on being anything else. I gave him some rice cereal, and the little guy was so tired with a full belly that he could barely hold his head up, so I laid him down for a nap.

Initially, he was content… for about two minutes… then all hell broke lose. That kid can scream like there’s no tomorrow.


He flails his pudgy little fists, chin quivering, feet kicking, socks flying off his feet like shrapnel as if I had hung him up by his ears or something. Fortunately, he’s not like this all the time. It’s usually once every few days. After today, he’ll be a sweet, happy, gurgling little angel for a few days until the cycle repeats itself. 

From one extreme to the other; that’s a baby for you.



  1. Hmm… Nathan’s mommie seemed to have a “thing’ about going to sleep as well… He looks like he’s got an Engineer’s curiosity on how things work.

    I really like your writing. Holds your attention, and entertaining. Good job!

  2. @John
    Thanks, Dad!

    Yes, I remember you and Mom talking about how hard it was to get me to sleep… and how I would wake at the drop of a pin. It seems Mr. Nathan has inherited that attribute from me. It would actually be rather comical if it didn’t break my heart to see him so upset!

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