Nathan Scissor Legs

Feet Vying for the Camera...
Feet Vying for the Camera...

My little guy has scissor legs. When he’s happy or excited about something, he will pump the air with his legs in a combination bicycle/scissor motion while chortling contentedly, usually with his index and middle finger of his right hand in his mouth. He does this after diaper changes, during nursing sessions, while watching Blue’s Clues, and any other time that provokes feelings of happiness. Sometimes when he’s Scissor Legging in his bouncy seat, he’ll inadvertently thump his legs down with a force tremendous enough to shake the floor. I marvel at his flexibility. He nonchalantly plants his feet on his face, making him look like a master contortionist and providing his mommy and daddy with endless hours of amusement. There is no such thing as boredom in this house.


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