My amazing kids

So I’m sure everyone has heard about the infamous stomach bug going around. It’s not just in Tennessee- I have friends in other states who have come down with it as well! And let me tell you, it’s awful. Just awful. Nathan came down with it a week and a half ago, and then John and I both came down with it last weekend. Whew. It’s been about four years since I’ve had one, and if I never have another stomach virus again, it will still be too soon.

In other news, Nathan is still totally rocking the school thing. He’s in the Accelerated Reading programs and is finally being challenged in that area. His teacher says he’s one of the most fun-loving students she has… Always smiling and grabbing the other kids in giant bear hugs. (He doesn’t get the whole personal space thing, but so far the other kids seem to be ok with it.) in fact, when any of his classmates see him at the school functions we’ve attended, they shout his name and come running to him for one of his giant hugs. I love seeing that!

Baby John is doing great as well. Can you believe he is already almost 21 months old? It’s insane how fast the time goes, I tell ya! He’s in Tennessee’s Early Intervention Program. He has a few delays and is developing some sensory issues. Nothing we can’t handle though, considering we’re used to it now after all we’ve been through with Nathan. So he has an in-home teacher that comes out once a week and works on things like his sensory issues, learning sign language until he’s starts talking, and stuff like that. He’ll also be going through speech therapy and some feeding therapy as well to help him with his eating issues (such as aversions to certain textures), which are fortunately pretty mild.

So things here are going pretty well! John’s therapists think he’s gonna be caught up in no time. Life is good!


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