More on car seats

Winter is quickly approaching here in Tennessee, and one thing we parents need to keep in mind is children’s┬ácar seat safety and winter coats. Folks, it is NOT safe to have your child in any type of bulky winter coat in a car seat, the main reason being that the bulk prevents the car seat straps from being tight enough. In the event of a crash, the bulk will compress and your child could be ejected from his or her car seat. I came across this article detailing what happened to one mom, and I wanted to help spread awareness.

Also, many cities offer free car seat safety checks with certified carseat safety inspectors. I urge all the parents out there to go to these because I personally see *so many* mistakes other parents are making, from having their infant forward-facing too soon, not having the chest clip on the breastbone, straps that are too loose, and everything in between.



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