Happy Halloween!!

We took the kids trunk-or-treating at a nearby church this evening, and they loved it! Well, John liked staring at everyone around him and Nathan totally loved going from car to car getting candy. I was so proud of him because he also remembered to mind his manners most of the time by saying “Thank you! Happy Halloweeeeeeen!” after the candy was dropped into his bag. Nathan dressed up as Spiderman, and John was a monkey. A monkey is perfect for him because he is definitely my little monkey!

We got a¬†little bit of candy just in case we have trick-or-treaters at the house. We lived on a busy road at our old house, so we NEVER had trick-or-treaters. We didn’t even bother getting candy. But now, we live in a little neighborhood. Of course, trick-or-treating to different houses seems to be dying off nowadays, but what the heck. It doesn’t hurt to have a little candy, just in case. And if we get no one? Well, let’s just say the candy won’t go in the trash!

I’ll post some pictures next time once I get them downloaded.

Everyone have a fun and safe night!


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