While Nathan was at school today, I decided to clean and organize his room. He’s actually really good about cleaning it himself, but hey, he’s only four, so it still needed some help. He really loves to have his things organized, but learning how to organize is a skill he’s still learning. So I dusted it, went through his books and threw the ones away that he’d destroyed, made his bed and arranged his stuffed animals neatly on it, and reorganized some of his toys. I say some because I ran out of time and had to go pick him up. Hot Wheels are in one bin, planes in another, train tracks in a different one, etc.

So when he came home, he was a little grumpy. He seems to get that way after school- I think he gets so worn out that by the time I go get him, he’s sapped of energy! So when we got home, I knelt down in front of him, grabbed his shoulders, and asked him if he’d like to see what I did to his room. Beaming from ear to ear, he grabbed my hand and said “Sure!” as we walked towards his room.

Time invested in cleaning/organizing his room today: 55 minutes.
The look on Nathan’s face when he saw his cleaned room: PRICELESS!

I’m not kidding. As soon as he saw his room, his grin somehow managed to become even bigger and his entire face lit up. His eyes got really wide, he let go of my hand and threw both his arms up in the air and exclaimed, “MY ROOM IS NOT MESSY ANYMORE!!” Then he saw his made bed and shouted, “OH! LOOK, MOMMY! MY BED LOOKS SO NICE!” as he ran over to it, threw himself on the bed, and started rolling around on the top of it while laughing.

He then excitedly went over to his shelves that hold some plastic bins that house his toys. I pointed out which ones held the hotwheels, train tracks, train accessories, and he got so excited that he stood up and started jumping up and down, shouting “Yay! YEAH!”

And then? He played happily in his room for quite some time. He even lined up his stuffed animals at the “grocery store.”


He’s such an amazing boy!


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